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Super Galaxy

By Michael Luo

Super Galaxy is a series of Parallel Universe skins in League of Legends, featuring champions as Galactic Super Heroes.


Super Galaxy Warriors
  • Annie SuperGalaxyCircle Super Galaxy Annie
    The youngest human ever to be named a Super Galaxy cadet, Annie proved her mettle the day she turned her teddy bear into a self-piloting mech. Despite serious concerns over her highly combustible designs and volatile programming, Annie's Mecha-Tibbers went into full production. Desperate times call for destructive measures.
  • Elise SuperGalaxyCircle Super Galaxy Elise
    Once a promising cadet, Elise discovered that her metamorphic power enabled her transformation into a mechanical arachnoid at will. Now, she seeks to reign as an evil, immortal Spider Queen—seeing all the galaxy not as a home to defend, but a realm to be conquered.
  • Fizz SuperGalaxyCircle Super Galaxy Fizz
    Nobody is quite sure how Fizz graduated the Super Galaxy academy, but one thing's for certain: no other pilot (or space fish) can summon a mecha-gigalodon from seemingly out of nowhere. Not that anyone should in the first place…
  • Gnar SuperGalaxyCircle Super Galaxy Gnar
    Look, Gnar is still figuring out the pistol, okay? Just don't ask him too many questions, or you might have an unexpected Mecha-Gnar on your hands, walloping your face into deep space.
  • Kindred SuperGalaxyCircle Super Galaxy Kindred
    Lamb joined the Super Galaxy team as its lead scout, venturing into uncharted territory to face all manner of alien dangers. Soon after, Wolf joined the team as Lamb's partner—though, in truth, he only really joined because she still owes him for lunch, back when they were cadets. She's not getting away this time!
  • Nidalee SuperGalaxyCircle Super Galaxy Nidalee
    Nidalee shows the most promise of the new class of Super Galaxy cadets, a knack for throwing projectiles through zero-gravity being her signature talent. The team will need her cunning tactics, as well as her keen hunting instincts, if it is to defeat the Spider Queen.
  • Rumble SuperGalaxyCircle Super Galaxy Rumble
    Founder of the Super Galaxy Defense Force, Rumble always dreamed of saving the world… with his “explosive face-melters” and “courageous giga-guards”. To this day, his allies still have no idea what those terms mean, but they don't question it—because a yordle operating a volcanic flame-spitting mech can be a very volatile thing.
  • Shyvana SuperGalaxyCircle Super Galaxy Shyvana
    By far the most experienced of the entire Super Galaxy team, Shyvana is the leader her teammates sorely need. A transfer pilot from a different (but just as hyperbolically named) defense force, she does sometimes find herself at odds with her allies as much as her enemies—and periodically questions if the ten percent salary bonus was actually worth it.


Ready To Rock

Look! In the sky! It’s a dragon… It’s a cryophoenix… It’s Rumble SuperGalaxyCircle a yordle in a mechanized suit that spits volcanic flames and rains down hyper-explosive rockets!


Oh, you want to bully his friends? Taste Electro Harpoon electro-harpoon rockets. Threaten his family? Fry in forty thousand degrees of Flamespitter face-melting fire. Attack Bandle City? Prepare for a The Equalizer massive bombardment of yordle-induced, incandescent annihilation that’ll vaporize any threat to the furry populace.[1]

Super Galaxy ACTIVATE!!!!!!!!!

Super Galaxy HQ
Location: Unknown
Kindred SuperGalaxyCircle
Report, a monster is destroying downtown!
Shyvana SuperGalaxyCircle
Suit up, team! Touchdown in five.
Fizz SuperGalaxyCircle
Shyvana SuperGalaxyCircle
That’s-- what...what does that mean?
Fizz SuperGalaxyCircle
Kindred SuperGalaxyCircle
Why is it yelling?
Shyvana SuperGalaxyCircle
Please...please stop that.
Fizz SuperGalaxyCircle
Vi NeonStrikeCircle
Guys, I could really use some help with this monster...wait, who is yelling?
Shyvana SuperGalaxyCircle
Listen, we’re working on it—silence, space fish! We have to stop this abomination from destroying the city.
Fizz SuperGalaxyCircle
Kindred SuperGalaxyCircle
We also want to yell. AAAAAAAAAAAAA!
Fizz SuperGalaxyCircle
Shyvana SuperGalaxyCircle
Nope. Forget it; this team is the worst. *Sigh* I should’ve joined Neon Strike.
Vi NeonStrikeCircle
Hello? Anyone there? Hey!-- well @#$% there goes another !@#$%$# skyscraper.
Baron Nashor profileicon
Soooo...are they coming?
Vi NeonStrikeCircle
Shut up, man.

Olaf vs Everything

Welcome to our latest community comics collab, Olaf vs. Everything, in which everyone's favorite Freljordian berserker recklessly hacks, and slashes his way across the known League Universe!

Tom Barton, artist extraordinaire, helps us answer questions you never knew you had, like who would win in a fight, Olaf or Trundle? And can Olaf take down a giant jungle monster? What about Seahunter Aatrox? And because we don't want to tease out all the dimension-hopping action, we're releasing the entire season in one Ragnarok-sized blast![3]



Super Galaxy Rumble - Login Screen

Super Galaxy Rumble - Login Screen

Super Galaxy Rumble Theme
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Together We’re Unstoppable Super Galaxy 2017 Skins Trailer - League of Legends

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