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For the item in League of Legends, see Sunfire Cape Sunfire Cape.


Patch History

  • Burn cadence increased to 2.5 seconds from 2.
  • Burn application duration increased to every 2 seconds from 1.
V10.19 - Added
  • Replaces Red Buff Red Buff.
  • Stats: 200 health and 25 armor.
  • Passive: At start of combat, and each second thereafter, applies a 10-second burn to a random enemy within 2 hexes, dealing 2.5% of target's maximum health true damage each second and applying Grievous Wounds icon.png Grievous Wounds for the duration, reducing healing on the target.
  • Unique: Can only equip one of this item.
  • Recipe: Chain Vest Chain Vest + Giant's Belt Giant's Belt.
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