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Pantheon Pantheon casting Smite Smite on Red Brambleback Red Brambleback

For champion abilities, see champion ability. For the Legends of Runeterra icon.png Legends of Runeterra card type, see Spell (Legends of Runeterra).

Summoner spells are abilities that players can use for their champions on the Fields of Justice.

They are chosen in Champion Select before the start of the game. Each player is allowed two summoner spells chosen from a list. Summoner spells can be used in game to aid a player's champion in various ways as each spell has a unique effect. Some summoner spells increase in effectiveness relative to your champion's level, but some provide the same effect at champion level 1 as they do at champion level 18. They do not have any cost other than their cooldown.

All summoner spells, excluding Flash Flash, Teleport Teleport, Hexflash Hexflash, and Mark Mark / Dash Dash, can be used while under the effects of Stun icon.png crowd control that inhibit casting, with the exceptions of Stasis icon.png stasis and Suppression icon.png suppression. The aforementioned summoner spells are also disabled while Grounded icon.png grounded or Root icon.png rooted, as they cause the caster to move.

Available summoner spells

A summoner spell's availability is based on the player's summoner level. At summoner level one, a player begins with 2 summoner spells to choose from. Then as a summoner reaches new levels, they unlock new summoner spells, up to summoner level 9.

Standard summoner spells

Summoner spell upgrades/variants

Special summoner spell upgrades or replacements can be made available when certain criteria are met.

Summoner spell Variant

Reducing the cooldown

There are three ways to reduce the cooldown of summoner spells.

The 15 second cooldown of Smite Smite is not affected by summoner spell cooldown reduction, but the rate at which Smite Smite charges are generated is affected.

Summoner spell haste
Base cooldown ▶ 420s
Cooldown reduction icon.png Haste
10% (Ionian Boots of Lucidity item.png) 381.82s 272.73s 218.18s 190.91s 163.64s 81.82s N/A 18.18s
15 (Cosmic Insight rune.png) 365.22s 260.87s 208.7s 182.61s 156.52s 78.26s N/A 17.39s
28.42 (15 + 10%)
(Cosmic Insight rune.png Ionian Boots of Lucidity item.png)
327.04s 233.6s 186.88s 163.52s 140.16s 70.08s N/A 15.57s
70 (Howling Abyss aura.png) N/A 176.47s 141.18s 123.53s 105.88s N/A 47.06s 11.76s
85 (Howling Abyss aura.pngCosmic Insight rune.png) N/A 162.16s 129.73s 113.51s 97.3s N/A 43.24s 10.81s
101.07 (70 + 10%)
(Howling Abyss aura.pngIonian Boots of Lucidity item.png)
N/A 149.2s 119.36s 104.44s 89.52s N/A 39.79s 9.95s
122.40 (85 + 10%)
(Howling Abyss aura.pngCosmic Insight rune.pngIonian Boots of Lucidity item.png)
N/A 134.89s 107.91s 94.42s 80.93s N/A 35.97s 8.99s

Summoner spell-related items

Summoner spell-related runes

Featured Game Mode summoner spells

Some summoner spells are only available during certain featured game modes.

Removed summoner spells

  • These summoner spells were, at one point, removed from the game.


Summoner spells

  • For the first 15 seconds of a game on Summoner's Rift icon.png Summoner's Rift all summoner spells are disabled.
  • In-game Summoner Spell icon tooltips always show the true cooldown, after rune and item bonuses. Cooldown display may take a few seconds to update after items have been acquired or sold.[may need confirmation for enemy summoner spells]
  • Spells are map-specific. For example, if you play ARAM on Summoner's Rift, the available spells are Summoner's Rift spells.
  • Legend of the Poro King (Howling Abyss), Odyssey: Extraction (Crash Site) and Nexus Siege (Summoner's Rift) use or did use game mode specific summoner spells.
  • A few summoner spells originated as alpha items, such as Teleport Teleport having roots in the items Ancient Pocket Watch Ancient Pocket Watch and Scroll of Teleportation Scroll of Teleportation.
    • This may be a borrowed gameplay design choice from DotA where powerful gameplay effects similar to summoner spells were accessible to players through items.
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