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For League of Legends icon League of Legends icons, see Summoner icon.

Legends of Runeterra icon Legends of Runeterra summoner icons, referred to as player icons in-game, are unique and separate from League of Legends icon League of Legends.

General icons

General icons are mostly divided into Runeterra regions. They are ether free default icons or purchasable icons via the Legends of Runeterra store such as through bundles.

Gauntlet icons are rewards for participating or achieving victory in the Gauntlet game mode.

Rank Icons

Rank icons are mostly placed under the neutral Runeterra region.

These icons are ranked rewards for achieving a specific rank (only one per profile) during the Season of Plunder.


These icons are ranked rewards for achieving a specific rank (only one per profile) during the Beta Season.


Alternate Icons

These censored icons are used in specific regions due to cultural or legal reasons.

Patch History


  • Summoner icons added.
    • Nightshade Dragonling added.


  • Summoner icons added.
    • Festival Kitt added.
    • Mystic Puffcap added.
    • Soul Warden's Lantern added.
    • Spirit Blossom added.


  • Summoner icons added.
    • Lee Sin, the Blind Monk added.
    • Plunder Season icons added.
    • Gauntlet icons added.

Open Beta

  • Summoner icons added.
    • Cithria the Bold added.
    • Plucky Poro added.
    • Radiant Guardian added.
    • Stand Alone added.
    • Jubilant Poro added.
    • Mighty Poro added.
    • Poro Snax added.
    • Rimetusk Shaman added.
    • Yeti Yearling added.
    • Fae Bladetwirler added.
    • Greenglade Duo added.
    • Health Potion added.
    • Jeweled Protector added.
    • Twin Disciplines added.
    • Draven's Biggest Fan added.
    • Reckoning added.
    • Trifarian Shieldbreaker added.
    • Legion Saboteur added.
    • Astute Academic added.
    • Catastrophe added.
    • Chempunk Shredder added.
    • Mushroom Cloud added.
    • Cursed Keeper added.
    • Mark of the Isles added.
    • Shark Chariot added.
    • Spiderling added.
    • Beta Season icons added.


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