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Community Events

Lunar Revel 2014 (Year of the Horse)
Win games with one of the temporary icons to earn points for that faction. At the end of the event, each Region will permanently unlock the icon of the faction that earned the most points.
Order vs. Chaos event
Pool Party 2015
LAN-LAS Servers 3rd Anniversary

Promotional Events

Game Modes

Dominion Retirement
Featured game modes
Summoner's Rift Visual Update
Team Builder

Pick 'em (World Championship)

Worlds 2015
Worlds 2016
Worlds 2017

Clash Beta 2017/2018



Arcade 2017
Battlecast 2014
Dark Star 2017
Omega Squad 2017
Order vs. Chaos 2017
  • Completing Missions
  • Redeeming Tokens
Star Guardian 2016
Star Guardian 2017 Missions

Stories (Universe)

Freljord 2013
Win 10 games with one of the temporary icons to permanently unlock that icon. Only one can be permanently unlocked, and you may work toward any of the other icons before the event ends - but starting progress on another icon will remove all previous progress.
Shurima 2014
Bilgewater 2015 - You may only earn one icon from each act.
Curse of the Drowned/Bilgewater 2018
Piltover 2016
Zaun 2017
Demacia 2017
Noxus 2018
Void 2018
Ionia 2018
Bilgewater 2018


Seasonal summoner icons sometimes return as part of subsequent festivities and are sometimes referred to as vaulted (by contrast to 'limited'), but are not considered part of the Legacy Vault for the purposes of mystery icons or loot drops.

April Fools

April Fools 2014
April Fools 2015
April Fools 2016
April Fools 2017
April Fools 2018


Harrowing 2012
Harrowing 2013
Harrowing 2014
Harrowing 2016
Harrowing 2017

Lunar Revel

Lunar Revel 2013 (Year of the Snake)
Lunar Revel 2014 (Year of the Horse)
Lunar Revel 2015 (Year of the Goat)
Lunar Revel 2017 (Year of the Rooster)
Lunar Revel 2018 (Year of the Dog)
  • Mission
  • Crafting (by using one Golden Lunar Revel Token)


Snowdown 2012
Snowdown 2013
Snowdown 2014
Snowdown 2015
Snowdown 2016
  • Event Participation
  • Hextech Crafting
Snowdown 2017 - You only could earn one icon
  • Mission
  • Gifting

Sugar Rush

Sugar Rush 2014