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{{offense tree 2}}[[File:Summoner's Wrath.png|left]]''' Summoner's Wrath''' is a first tier offense [[mastery]] with 1 rank.{{ClearLeft}}
#REDIRECT [[Summoner's Wrath]]
== Effect per rank ==
* Improves the following summoner spells:
** {{si|Exhaust}}: Reduces the target's [[armor]] and [[magic resistance]] by 10.
** {{si|Ignite}}: Increases [[ability power]] and [[attack damage]] by 5 while on cooldown.
** {{si|Surge}}: Increases [[attack speed]] bonus to 40% and [[ability power]] gained by 10%.
** {{si|Ghost}}: Increases [[movement speed]] bonus to 35%.
== Strategy ==
Summoner's Wrath increases the power of your summoner spells that are listed above. You should put a point in it if you picked any of the summoner spells.
[[Category:Offensive masteries]]
[[Category:Offensive masteries]]
[[Category:Season Two masteries]]

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