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{{defense tree 2}}[[File:Summoner's Resolve.png|left]]''' Summoner's Resolve''' is a first tier defense mastery with 1 rank. {{ClearLeft}}
#REDIRECT [[Summoner's Resolve]]
== Effect per rank ==
Improves the following summoner spells:
* {{si|Revive}}: Grants a massive [[movement speed]] boost for a short duration upon reviving.
* {{si|Cleanse}}: Increases duration of disable reduction by 1 second.
* {{si|Heal}}: Increases [[health]] restored by 10%.
* {{si|Smite}}: Grants 10 bonus [[gold]] upon use.
* {{si|Garrison}}: Allied Garrisoned towers deal 50% splash damage.
* {{si|Barrier}}: Reduces the cooldown by 20 seconds.
[[Category:Defensive masteries]]
[[Category:Defensive masteries]]
[[Category:Season Two masteries]]

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