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Summoners Cup 02

2022 version

The Summoner's Cup is the trophy that the winners of the World Championship are awarded.


Summoners Cup 01

2012 version

The cup was introduced in 2012 for the Season Two Championship.[1] It weighs about 70 pounds (~ 32 kg) as one of the biggest trophies in world sports because no one at Riot specifically considered how much a trophy should weigh.[2] The reveal showed a video of the creation process[3] by trophy creators Thomas Lyte[4], who have created world-famous sporting trophies like the FA Cup (Soccer/Football), Ryder Cup (Golf), etc.

On August 29th, 2022, Riot unveiled the new version of the Summoner's Cup crafted by American luxury jewelry and specialty design brand Tiffany & Co. It weighs 44 pounds (~20 kg) and stands approximately 27 inches (~68.8 cm). The base of the Summoner's Cup writes the names of the previous champions from 2011 to 2021.


  • Its likeness has been used in several IG World Champions profileicon World Champions skins, Recall Recall animations, and champions' abilities.
    • S1: Fnatic Gragas' Fnatic Gragas' cask cask and Fnatic Karthus' Fnatic Karthus' staff bear its semblance.
    • S2: TPA Mundo's TPA Mundo's cleaver cleaver bears its semblance.
    • S3: SKT T1 Jax's SKT T1 Jax's lamppost lamppost bears its semblance.
    • S4: SSW Singed's SSW Singed's bottle bottle bears its semblance while SSW Thresh SSW Thresh pulls it out in his Recall animation.
    • S5: SKT T1 Ryze's SKT T1 Ryze's scroll bears its semblance.
    • S7: SSG Gnar SSG Gnar eats noodles out of it in his Mega Mega form's Recall animation while SSG Rakan SSG Rakan and SSG Xayah SSG Xayah hold it up in their shared Lover's Leap Lover's Leap Recall animation.
    • S8: In iG LeBlanc's iG LeBlanc's Recall, she uses her staff to summon it. In iG Kai'Sa's iG Kai'Sa's Recall, she opens a portal and grabs it and in iG Rakan's iG Rakan's Recall, he tries to pull it out of the podium but fails.
    • S10: In DWG Nidalee's DWG Nidalee's Recall, she throws her spear, hits the bull's eye of the plate the stoned cougar summons, and the cup shows up as a prize. In DWG Twisted Fate's DWG Twisted Fate's Recall, he does some tricks with his deck of cards and the cup pops up in the center of the circle of cards.
    • S11: In EDG Graves' EDG Graves' Recall. he opens a treasure loot and grabs the cup. In EDG Viego's EDG Viego's Recall, he sticks his sword into the ground, the cup is summoned and he harnesses it. It also appears on the Mist Wraith spawns from the champion's corpse taken down by Viego. In EDG Zoe's EDG Zoe's Recall, she grabs the cup from a Spell Shard. In EDG Aphelios' EDG Aphelios' Recall, he fuses his weapons into a stone and then snaps his fingers to transform the stone into the cup. In EDG Yuumi's EDG Yuumi's Recall, she tries to catch a fish jumping out of the cup, but a hand pulls her inside the cup.
    • S12: In DRX Aatrox's DRX Aatrox's Recall, he raises the newly redesigned cup with his wings spread wide. The cup also appears when he transforms into his World Ender World Ender form. DRX Kindred's DRX Kindred's Mark Mark bears its semblance. DRX Maokai's DRX Maokai's back bears its semblance and in his Recall, he grabs his saplings and puts them on his back to grab the cup and he throws them inside. In DRX Akali's DRX Akali's Recall, she grabs the old cup and uses her kunai to carve it into the new cup. DRX Caitlyn's DRX Caitlyn's target target bears its semblance and in her Recall, she walks against the sandstorm and falls on her knees but she gets back up and raises the cup. When DRX Ashe's DRX Ashe's Hawkshot Hawkshot finds a target, the cup appears.
  • It is featured, alongside the MSI trophy, above the top lane on Summoner's Rift.
    • As is with the MSI trophy, the current holders of the World Championship title have their team logo displayed above the Summoner's Cup.