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  • Aery's ally effect will trigger on all manner of abilities that affect allies (both directly targeted and not) and buffs, including Jarvan IV's Jarvan IV's Demacian Standard Demacian Standard (the shield will trigger on the ally closest to the flag), Kindred's Kindred's Lamb's Respite Lamb's Respite and Lulu's Lulu's Whimsy Whimsy.
    • Orianna's Orianna's Command: Dissonance Command: Dissonance can trigger the allied effect both on activation and if an ally walks into the persistent area.
    • Applying Nami's Nami's Surging Tides Surging Tides to an ally will not trigger Aery - i.e. you cannot hit an ally with Aqua Prison Aqua Prison to grant them a shield.
    • If a champion with Aery kills the Rift Scuttler Rift Scuttler, they will grant Aery's shield to any ally who gains movement speed from the shrine as long as Aery is ready.
  • Aery's shield will trigger Ardent Censer Ardent Censer and Staff of Flowing Water Staff of Flowing Water, allowing champions who otherwise do not have heals or shields to trigger the effects.
  • Aery will not trigger on an ally healed by Font of Life Font of Life or Moonstone Renewer Moonstone Renewer.
  • Aery will not trigger spell effects.
  • Aery will not trigger on a champion damaged by Twitch's Twitch's Deadly Venom Deadly Venom.
  • Aery is not blocked by Projectile.png projectile-blocking effects.
  • When the champion Recalls Recalls, Aery will also spawn out to play a recall animation.
    • During this time, Aery has its own independant Sight icon.png sight radius of 1350, and can occasionally see inside bush if the player recalls very close to it and faces a certain direction.(bug)


  • Enchanters such as Yuumi Yuumi, Lulu Lulu, Sona Sona, Janna Janna, Soraka Soraka, Nami Nami, will find Summon Aery Summon Aery a great fit, improving both their harassment and protective capabilities.
  • Any champion looking to improve their early game trading can take Summon Aery for an extra source of damage.
    • In comparison to other damage-granting keystones such as Arcane Comet Arcane Comet and Electrocute Electrocute, Summon Aery cannot miss, has a short cooldown and boosts your shields/buffs on allies. However, it has lower base damage and worse scaling for both champion level and offensive stats.
  • Aery is a great boost for damage over time abilities, as it can proc multiple times during the spell's effect. Common usages include Malzahar's Malzahar's Malefic Visions Malefic Visions, Singed's Singed's Poison Trail Poison Trail and Teemo's Teemo's Toxic Shot Toxic Shot.
  • Aery can still be seen emerging from and returning to Twilight Shroud old2.png invisible or out of vision champions, possibly giving away their position.


  • Perxie was the rune name up until release.[1]


Sound Effects

Supporting ally
Pouncing enemy
Attacking target

Patch History

  • Base shield reduced to 30 − 75 (based on level) from 35 − 80 (based on level).
  • Shield bonus AD ratio reduced to 35% bonus AD from 40%.
  • Shield AP ratio reduced to 22.5% AP from 25% AP.
V9.23 - November 20th Hotfix
  • Should now trigger consistently off everything except non-ability DoTs such as Corrupting Potion Corrupting Potion, Scorch Scorch, and other items, runes, and buffs.
  • Base damage reduced to 10 − 40 (based on level) from 15 − 40 (based on level).
  • Base shield strength increased to 35 − 80 (based on level) from 30 − 80 (based on level).
  • Undocumented: No longer sometimes disappears forever if hits a champion that is about to die.
  • Base damage reduced to 15 − 40 (based on level) from 20 − 60 (based on level).
  • Bug Fix: Now deals the correct adaptive damage type based on your stats.
V7.22 Added
  • Sorcery icon.png Sorcery Keystone rune.
    • Passive: Damaging an enemy champion signals Aery to dash to them, dealing 20 − 60 (based on level) (+ 10% AP) (+ 15% bonus AD) (Adaptive) Ability power.pngAttack damage.png Adaptive damage. Abilities targeted at allied champions signal Aery to dash to them, shielding them for 30 − 80 (based on level) (+ 25% AP) (+ 40% bonus AD) for 2 seconds.
    • Aery lingers on the target for 2 second before flying back to you, and cannot be sent out again until she returns to you. Aery is initially very slow, but gradually accelerates, and can be picked up by moving near her.
    • Adaptive: Deals either physical or magic depending on which would deal the least damage.