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   "Card soldiers. Rad."
Pulsefire Ezreal Pulsefire Ezreal
Card Soldiers
  • Ace of Spades Ezreal Ace of Spades Ezreal
    First is the Ace, at a hurtling pace,
    A man of both talent and vim,
    Who holds all the cards in the court of High Stakes
    Because everything's about him.
  • Jack of Hearts Twisted Fate Jack of Hearts Twisted Fate
    Second, the Jack, with a thunderous crack
    Trounces fate in the blink of an eye!
    In winnings he counts all the hearts of the court
    Who will swoon every time he walks by.
  • King of Clubs Mordekaiser King of Clubs Mordekaiser
    Third is the King, with a barbarous swing,
    Who crushes the villains of old.
    Though some folk may cry “He's a villain himself!”
    A poorly kept secret, all told.
  • Queen of Diamonds Syndra Queen of Diamonds Syndra
    Fourth is the Queen, ever dark and serene,
    Whose true power lies deeper still.
    Alone, she could conquer the whole of the earth…
    And perhaps, in the future, she will.
  • Wild Card Shaco Wild Card Shaco
    Last is the Jester, the wiliest sort
    Obscured and forgotten by time,
    Yet always much nearer than one might expect,
    Stalking, closely, behind.


  • This theme was inspired by classic game cards.