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The Storm Shield is a buff in League of Legends and is only available on Crystal Scar. This buff can be identified by swirling blue relics around the champion who possesses it, as well as an increased champion model size.

This buff grants bonus damage, allowing the champion to passively detonate a lightning blast inflicting 90 (10 x level) magic damage on the champion's autoattacks and damaging spells with a 4-second cooldown.

The Storm Shield buff is divided into two buffs: Shield and Lightning.


Storm Shield screenshot

Storm Shield held by Master Yi OriginalSquare Master Yi

  • On the Crystal Scar by obtaining the Greater Relic for your team. This is done by channeling for three seconds; any damage that the champion receives during this time will immediately interrupt and reset the channel.
  • The Greater Relic appears after 3 minutes, and respawns every three minutes
  • This buff cannot be stolen since greater relics are team-specific and are not transferable.

Patch History

  • Crystal Scar disabled.
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