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Stirring Wardstone is an epic item in League of Legends icon.png League of Legends. It is exclusive to Summoner's Rift.

Builds Into


  • The number of wards placed is counted retroactively.
Ixtal Crest icon.png

Patch History

V10.23 - November 16th Hotfix
  • Bug Fix: Players can no longer get free gold through the Item Shop by purchasing and undoing the purchase of Stirring Wardstone and Control Wards Control Wards.
V10.23 - Added
  • Requires level 13 to purchase.
  • Cost: 1100 Gold 1100.
  • Unique Passive - Arcane Cache: This item can store up to 3 purchased Control Wards Control Wards.
  • Unique Passive - Blooming Empire: Placing 20 Stealth Ward icon.png Stealth Wards or Totem Ward icon.png Totem Wards transforms this item into Watchful Wardstone Watchful Wardstone.
  • Limited to 1 Sightstone item.


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