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Steve 'Pendragon' Mescon is the creator of DotA-Allstars.com, a community website for DotA players. He currently works for Riot Games Inc. as Director of Community Relations. He was featured in the ninth edition of the League of Legends newsletter.

Skills: Be a major douchebag and be hated by everyone +15 scumbag


Steve 'Pendragon' Mescon is the creator of the DotA-Allstars.com community website, which has empowered DotA players to speak their minds for over four years. Steve has extensive experience in customer service as well as a profound passion for building deep relationships with the communities he's involved with. An admitted workaholic, Mr. Pendragon intends to work around the clock to make sure any Riot created game has an ass community.

Special Ability

Red Monster: Steve creates a special concoction, 2 parts Red Bull, 2 parts Monster energy drink, and just a dash of Dave's Ultimate Insanity Sauce. Upon drinking this potent mix, Steve shuts down the DotA forums and betrays the community he helped create in order to make money cause he is a greedy bastard.

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