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Stellacorn are horse-like creatures that live near the peak of Targon Crest icon.png Mount Targon.


Other Related Champions

  • Soraka Soraka has guided Targonian shepherds into taking care of fledgling stellacorns.



Young Stellacorn looks like small glowing zebra with two large wings. Their body glows, visible even in daylight. They have two main colors: light blue and white. The light blue and white colors makes stripe patterns, most visible on its face and the backhalf of the body. They also have black noses and black hooves on its four legs, which also the only parts do not glow.

They have short heads, like a goat. Their ears are big and long, similar to rabbits, and tend to point downward. Their eyes are similar to humans, with white sclera and black iris. The mane is short, however, the part on top of the head is spiky and points upward. Their tail not only have hair: it is long with small fur on its end. Near the top of its head, and between its two eyes, is a slightly curve short horn, point perpendicular from the head. The horn is slightly curve, white, and glowing like the rest of its body.


Like its young lings, mature Stellacorn are like zebras with large wings. Its ain colors are light blue and white, with stripe patterns most visible on the face and back half of the body.

However, their manes are much longer and larger. Their eyes are bright white, with no visible iris. The horn is also much longer now, transition from light blue on its bottom to white at its tip.


Shepherd Illi and her dog Osu with a herd of Fledgling Stellacorn.

  • Young Stellacorn are very fragile, and need caring. However, mature Stellacorn seems not taking care of its young ones. Instead, they are taken care by figures dedicate doing so.
  • Stellacorn has great healing power. When it lives near other creatures, they lend its power. Grown Stellacorns live independently and do not share this power.
  • Stellacorns can't fly since birth. They must take their first faltering flight. This usually leads to them falling down, sometimes to the base of Mount Targon. If they are lucky, they would be taken back to the herd.
  • According to the star keepers, when a grown stellacorn fly, human often see them as a moving star. It is considered lucky to see a Stellacorn, and even luckier to grow one.[citation needed]


  • The Stellacorn design is based on a Unicorn (specifically a Winged unicorn more commonly referred to as an Alicorn), a mythical equine creature.
    • While the Unicorn physiology based mostly on horses, Stellacorn based on different creatures, from goat, rabbits to zebra.
    • The culture around Stellacorn is based on shooting stars.


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