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Steel Legion

By Jared Rosen

Steel Legion is a series of alternate future/universe skins in League of Legends. Set in a dystopian future of Demacia, it features champions equipped with Tesla-like weaponry.


Steel Legionnaires
  • Garen SteelLegionCircle Steel Legion Garen
    Garen is a steam-powered knight serving at the head of the Steel Legion's vanguard, feared by his enemies and respected by his allies in equal measure. His blade is one of a kind: a thaumaturgical innovation of science and magic, overflowing with sparking plasma.
  • Lux SteelLegionCircle Steel Legion Lux
    This highly-trained specialist in the Steel Legion uses light-magnifying crystal rods to discharge rays of concentrated energy. Designated Lux, her affinity with the weapons has been quietly observed by several leading scientists within the organization.


Engineer from Torchlight II



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