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Stealth Ward is a trinket item in League of Legends icon League of Legends.


  • Totem Ward icon Totem and Stealth Ward icon Stealth Wards:
    • Are visible for a few seconds upon being placed and become stealthed afterwards.
    • Have a sight radius of 900 and 3 health.
    • Grants 10 Gold 10 to the enemy that destroyed it and 38 / 49.6 experience to those who participated in its destruction.
    • Are limited to 3 placed (shared with each other) at any given time and have a short lifespan.
  • Stealth Ward is automatically added to your inventory if you leave the base without any trinket.
  • Trinkets count as active items and their cooldowns will be affected by item haste.


  • This item is eventually supplanted in Support icon Support builds with Warding items, so players often switch to a more complimentary trinket like Oracle Lens Oracle Lens.

Exchangeable with

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Sound Effects


Patch History

  • Bug Fix: No longer sometimes indicates an incorrect cooldown timer.
  • Bug Fix: Swapping to Oracle Lens Oracle Lens no longer allows the user to stack up to 3 charges of the trinket.
  • Recharge timer reduced to 210 − 120 (based on average champion level) seconds from 240 − 120 (based on average champion level).
  • Updated icon.
  • Renamed to Stealth Ward from Warding Totem.
  • Updated icon.
  • Limited to 1 Trinket item.
  • Bug Fix: When attempting to place a fourth ward on the map, the mini-map now properly indicates which of the first three wards will be replaced.
  • Cooldown when swapping trinkets is now based on time since you last used any trinket.
    • Charges are now converted into its value in cooldown.
  • Ward duration reduced to 90 − 120 (based on level) seconds from 90 − 180 (based on level).
  • Ward duration and cooldown now scales with the average level of all champions instead of the owner's level.
  • Ward duration increased to 90 − 180 (based on level) seconds from 60 − 120 (based on level).
  • Cooldown increased to 240 − 120 (based on level) seconds from 180 − 90 (based on level).
  • New Effect: Swapping between trinkets now sets your new trinket to the same percentage remaining cooldown as your old one rather than flat 120 second cooldown on swap.
  • New Effect: Tooltip now displays Vision Score.
  • New Effect: Wards now grant full gold to both the player who revealed them and the player who killed them (bonuses don't stack if the revealer also kills the ward).
  • Cooldown reduced to 180 − 90 (based on level) seconds from 180 − 120 (based on level) seconds.
  • Ward duration adjusted to 60 − 120 (based on level) based on level from 60 / 120 (based on level).
  • Ward charges increased to 2 from 1.
  • Recharge time adjusted to 180 − 120 (based on level) seconds from 120 seconds at all levels.
  • Trinket wards now benefit from ward skins.
  • Trinket wards feature the small yellow circle previously used by Sight Wards.
  • Initial cooldown reduced to 30 seconds from 120 seconds.
  • Initial cooldown increased to 120 seconds from 90 seconds.
  • Cooldown on sell reduced to 120 seconds from 180 seconds.
V3.14 Added
  • Trinket – No Cost
  • Unique Active: Places a Stealth Ward icon Stealth Ward that lasts 60 seconds (120 second cooldown). Limit 3 Stealth Wards on the map per player.
  • Unique Passive: Transforms into a Greater Totem Greater Totem at level 9.


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