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Stat Bonus is a consumable item in League of Legends icon League of Legends. It is exclusive to Arena icon Arena.

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  • This item is granted as a free bonus during the shop phase of the seventh and tenth rounds.
  • Stat shards grant a certain stat type at a value that is between a set amount and double that amount. The amount granted within those limits is otherwise random.
  • There exist 17 different Stat Shards:
    • Attack Damage Shards grant between 14 and 28 attack damage.
    • Attack Speed Shards grant between 15% and 30% attack speed.
    • Ability Power Shards grant between 23 and 46 ability power.
    • Armor Shards grant between 18 and 36 armor.
    • Magic Resist Shards grant between 19 and 38 magic resistance.
    • Health Shards grant between 140 and 280 health.
    • Critical Shards grant between 12% and 24% critical strike chance.
    • Ability Haste shards grant between 14 and 28 ability haste.
    • Tenacity Shards grant between 9% and 18% tenacity.
    • Lethality Shards grant between 9 and 18 lethality.
    • Magic Penetration shards grant between 10 and 20 magic penetration.
    • Omnivamp Shards grant between 4.5% and 9% omnivamp.
    • Move Speed shards grant between 9% and 18% movement speed.
    • Spirit Shards grant between 4.5% and 9% heal & shield power.
    • Might Shards grant between 9 and 18 attack damage and between 15 and 30 ability power.
    • Swiftness Shards grant between 11.5% and 23% attack speed and between 9 and 18 ability haste.
    • Faith Shards grant two completely random stats out of this list at between 150% and 300% of their normal strength.
      • These types of shards grant the highest total efficiency in stats from all possible options, but the player cannot select or influence the stats in any way as they do not adhere to the Anvil's semi-randomness.
      • If a Faith shard gives 200% value, the total stats gained equate to 300% of regular shards' value, or selecting a specific stat shard three times and at its maximum power.
    • A special stat shard called the Shardholder Value (or "Pristine") Shard is only obtainable once, after purchasing at least 10 stat shards total. It increases all stat shards' effectiveness by between 20% and 80%.

Patch History

V14.9 - Added
  • Available on Arena on May 1st, 2024.
  • Cost: 750 Gold 750.
  • Consume: Opens a semi-random selection for a permanent stat bonus. This item is automatically consumed upon purchase.


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