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Starmaw swims leisurely through the galaxies, oblivious to all other life around it. It's known as a devourer of worlds, but really it just happens to swallow a planet or two while it's yawning.


You can unlock skins for this Little Legend by purchasing a Little Legend Egg, which costs RP icon 490. Cracking open your egg will grant you a random tier-1 unlock from the pool of available skins, including their original skin. Obtaining a duplicate will upgrade your skin to the next tier, up to tier 3, at which point the skin is removed from the reward pool.

Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Starmaw Base Tier 1Starmaw Base Tier 2Starmaw Base Tier 3
Starmaw Dreadnova Tier 1Starmaw Dreadnova Tier 2Starmaw Dreadnova Tier 3
Galaxy Slayer
Starmaw Galaxy Slayer Tier 1Starmaw Galaxy Slayer Tier 2Starmaw Galaxy Slayer Tier 3
Starmaw Goo Tier 1Starmaw Goo Tier 2Starmaw Goo Tier 3
Starmaw Orcus Tier 1Starmaw Orcus Tier 2Starmaw Orcus Tier 3
Starmaw Cosmic Tier 1Starmaw Cosmic Tier 2Starmaw Cosmic Tier 3


  • During development it was known as Dark Star Whale.
  • Galaxy Slayer variant might be a reference to the Space Whales from the Odyssey Veteran profileicon Odyssey universe from which Ora is extracted.
  • The Cosmic Starmaw's design is similar to the Pokémon known as Wailmer.
    • The Original Starmaw resembles shiny Wailmer.


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