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Staff of Flowing Water was a finished item in League of Legends icon.png League of Legends.


Cost Analysis

Gold Value

Gold Efficiency*

  • Staff of Flowing Water Staff of Flowing Water was 96.02% gold efficient without its passive.

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  • Staff of Flowing Water Staff of Flowing Water may have been inspired by the similarly named Crest of Flowing Water Crest of Flowing Water, which granted 30% bonus movement speed for 90 seconds as a reward for killing the Ghast Ghast.
Ionia Crest icon.png

Patch History

  • Removed (2015-08-10: Black Market Brawlers end)
  • Added (2015-07-30: Black Market Brawlers release)
    • Recipe: Chalice of Harmony Chalice of Harmony + Amplifying Tome Amplifying Tome + 300 Gold 300 = 1635 Gold 1635.
    • Stats: 40 ability power, 25 magic resist and 50% base mana regeneration.
    • Unique Passive - Mana Font: Restores 2% of your missing mana every 5 seconds.
    • Unique Passive: Gain 30% movement speed and 10 mp5 while in the river.
    • Caption: "News travels fast along the Ionian riverside."


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