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A Spiritualist is an alteration where the being altered has a deeper connection to the spirit realm. The strength of these connections can differ for each individual. Some are only able to wield spirit magic by the use of a ritual, like a dance, others are able to commune with individuals in the spirit realm, allowing spiritualist to take on their powers. On the farthest end of this spectrum, Shen Shen is able to warp in and out of the spirit realm.

The key difference between the magicborn and the spiritualists is the source of where their power is drawn from. Magicborn are able to call upon the magic that they were born with, while the spiritualists will always draw their magic from the spirit realm.

Unlike Vastayashai'rei and their descendants, the Vastaya, who are all able to use spirit magic, only a handful of Humans are able to utilise that kind of magic. Vastayashai'rei and Vastaya also have a longer lifespan then their human counterpart.


Spiritualist Champions