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Spirit Trees are magical trees who were altered by an abundance of spirit magic in the surrounding area. Most of these trees are situated in the province of Navori in Ionia Crest icon.png Ionia. They are known to have existed before the formation of Modern Freljord Crest icon.png Freljord. Because of the high spirit magic, these trees gain varying magical abilities.


A few members of this species are currently revealed. Most however have been killed or are dying because of Human interference.

Related Champions

  • Akali Akali and Shen Shen helped plant a new Guardian Tree and make it grow.
  • Ivern Ivern became the God-Willow's successor.
  • Lillia Lillia is a descendant of the God-Willow through the Dreaming Tree.


The Dreaming Tree

The Dreaming Tree grew from a seed of the God-Willow, which towered over the ancient grove of Omikayalan. Cast loose when the God-Willow was tragically felled, the seed took root in what came to be known as the Garden of Forgetting. Nurtured by the Green Father, Ivern Ivern, the Dreaming Tree spiraled up, spreading the magic of humanity's desires each time the dream-laden buds bloomed.

The tree feeds on human dreams. And each dream created a bud, ready to bloom. One such bud fell of the tree when it had not bloom. From the fallen bud risen a fawn treant named Lillia Lillia. Since then, Lillia Lillia taken care of her mother and watched dreams.

Ionian War

The militaristic nation of Noxus Crest icon.png Noxus saw Ionia Crest icon.png Ionia lack preparedness for battles as an opportunity. The warhosts then started their long-planned Ionia invasion.

After the war, many had died and many more suffered. Because of this, people stopped dreaming and started to have nightmares. Dreams stop coming to the Dreaming Tree. Lillia Lillia worry, forcing herself to travel to the world outside to help.


Unlike Treants, spirit trees are immobile, unable to physically fully interact with the world around them, being stationary on one spot for the rest of their lives. However, the trees have intermediaries that aid them in protection or various other tasks. Humans (during Spirit Blossom festival) and vastaya alike have been seen aiding these trees in the past.

Notable Spirit Trees

The Dreaming Tree
The Dreaming Tree grew from a seed of the God-Willow, which towered over the ancient grove of Omikayalan. Cast loose when the God-Willow was tragically felled, the seed took root in what came to be known as the Garden of Forgetting. Nurtured by the Green Father, Ivern Ivern—as many of the descendants of Omikayalan were—the Dreaming Tree spiraled up, spreading the magic of humanity's desires each time the dream-laden buds bloomed.
The Ghost-Willow
One of the oldest magical trees in Ionia, it was destroyed by Syndra Syndra when she was a child.
The God-Willow
The God-Willow is one of the oldest magical trees in Ionia, which previously resided in Omikayalan. It was destroyed centuries ago by Ivern the Cruel, who absorbed its power and became the Green-Father Green-Father.
The Golden Tree of Peace
The Golden Tree of Peace resides in the Ionian afterlife of the Spirit Realm. It is the source of all Spirit Blossoms which petals are filled with the memories of deceased individuals. The petals of these blossoms are not able to be obtained by the spirits themselves, needing a mortal to gift them back. The Spirit Blossom Festival is an event where the veil between the spirit realm and the physical realm is thin. During this time Spirit Bonds are able to be made, at the end of which the spirit petals are exchanged back to the spirits.
The Guardian Trees
The Guardian Trees all across Ionia. From temples to special spiritual sites, these trees are deeply connected to nature and the spirit realm. One such guardian tree that resided in Navori was chopped down by an ignorant Noxian boy. The blue sap of the tree activated the guardian golem that protected it. Trying to save the boys life, Akali Akali found a way to calm down the guardian, by planting a new guardian tree seed, after which the golem was pacified. With some aid from Shen Shen, the new Guardian Tree that resides over the cliffsides of the Navori province is larger than ever before. Its red leafs seen from miles away.
The Weh'le Spirit Tree
While the actual name of this tree is not revealed, the Spirit Tree in Weh'le is widely known around the Ionian archipelago. When this tree blooms, the blossoms of this tree can be used to communicate with the dearly departed.


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