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The Spirit Realm, or Spirit World, is parallel pocket of existence to the physical realm of Runeterra Crest icon Runeterra. Very little is known about the spirit world, usually through tales and myths. What it is known is that a place where time and space functions differently from the physical realm. The Spirit World seems to separated by smaller regions or "realms".


Bandle City

  • Deep in the Bandlewood
  • Otherworldly Gateways
  • Geometry of Transit 1
  • Geometry of Transit 2

In Bandle City, it is said that every sensation is heightened for non-yordles. Colors are brighter. Food and drink intoxicates the senses for years and, once tasted, will never be forgotten. People tell that it is place of unfettered magic, where the foolhardy can be led astray by myriad wonders, and end up lost in a dream... The sunlight is eternally golden, the waters crystal clear, and every harvest brings a fruitful bounty. Perhaps some of these claims are true, or maybe none—for no two tale tellers ever seem to agree on what they actually saw.

Runeterra is linked to this enchanted place in the spirit realm. The pathways are rarely seen by mortals, for they only open under particular circumstances, or for those with the ability to read and interpret the language of the yordles. Certain portals can only be opened with a series of specific gestures, often defined by peculiar symbols inscribed nearby. Some portals open to a deep cavern, when the low tide reveals a pattern of runic circles, filling the indentations with sea water.

The doorways between realms are finicky and seldom open, even to creatures as dexterous as cats such as Yuumi OriginalSquare Yuumi. Yordles would have to wait for days for the eastern star to align with a particular stone archway, or waded impatiently between marsh-lilies, seeking a silver blossom blooming from the mud—only then would a pathway appear.

Death Realm

Mordekaisers Mitna Rachnun

Mordekaiser's reign in the Death Realm

The Death Realm are supposed to be where the souls of the deceased go after death. The Iron Revenant came here after dying and, refusing to fade into nothingness, built an empire called Mitna Rachnun where he reigns. This place seems to be connected to the Immortal Bastion on Noxus.

The Ionians have their own version of the Death Realm, visualized through the myth The Path. Here, a fox-like spirit we guide you after death to your afterlife playing a chase game. You may deviate your path but the spirit will not intervene.

Marus Omegnum

Marus Omegnum is a 03MT004-full Lunari temple fortress located for the majority of the time inside the spirit realm. During special lunar events, the temple phases into the physical realm and shows up on Mount Targon.

The Glade

The Glade is a hidden area inside the spirit realm. It is told it was a place stranger still—it existed long before yordles came into the world, and it was perhaps from the Glade that Bandle City itself sprung. A place of raw primordial magic, it was hidden away so deeply that no yordle had ever found it until Lulu was guided there.


Freljord Crest icon Freljord

"Praise Anivia, the Frostbringer. Let us feel the coming of change. Grant us the freedom to travel in safety."
Ashe OriginalSquare Ashe

The Freljord are very respectful with its spirits, considering them part of the creation of the world. The nation has innumerous animal spirits who they reverence as gods. Many of faithful of the land pray for them before a battle or conflict.

The ursine tribe have a deep connection with spiritual powers, granted for them by the Volibear. They have abilities like shapeshifting into animals and some have elemental powers.

Ionia Crest icon Ionia

Ionia Perennial

The ionian festivities known as the Spirit Blossom

Ionia has most powerful connection with the spirit worlds. The First lands have the thinner borders between the two worlds and it is visible through the natural spiritual magic the flows through the land. It is the charge of the Shen OriginalSquare Eye of Twilight to ensure the balance between the spirit and mortal realm be maintained.

Ionian culture has innumerous myths about spirits and they are part of the daily routines of the inhabitants of the region. To build a house, Ionians have to ask tree and stone spirits so they can grow in the form of homes for them to live. Ionians have a national festival known as the Spirit Blossom, where the barrier between the two world is at its thinnest.

Demacia Crest icon Demacia

Demacia doesn't have good relationships with spirits, most of the inhabitants think they are monsters or dark creatures. The nation have a history in being haunted by demons, at least on some inland cities or on the countryside. Demacian blacksmiths have been known to craft Chain Lash petricite chains to capture and hold powerful demons.

Noxus Crest icon Noxus

The Empire of Noxus are known to capture and utilize spirits on their conquest, most done by the mages of the Black Rose cabal. The Immortal Bastion located inside the capital have a powerful connection to the spirit realm (more specifically the Death Realm) thanks to the efforts of the Iron Revenant. Black Rose mages are known to siphon this power and use on the dark and twisted purposes. Currently, one of the leader of the Trifarix has powers conceived by a demon.

Zaun Crest icon Zaun

Zaun, since the times of being a shuriman port city, has been protected by wind spirit called Janna OriginalSquare Jan'ahrem. On modern days, Janna is praised as a goddess by the zaunites and have mostly developed a cult since she save thousands lives on an explosion gone-wrong.


  • Lunar magic has spiritual properties, being crucial in reverting ascension and ending the Darkin War.
    • According to Aphelios OriginalSquare Aphelios' lore, the Spiritual Realm has its own moon, a reflection that of the moon of the physical world.


Mordekaiser, the Iron Revenant - Login Screen

Mordekaiser, the Iron Revenant - Login Screen

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