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As creatures that inhabit the ether and are divorced from the mortality that mortals suffer, spirits are similar to Celestials in a sense that they help maintain the balance of the natural world, intervening every now and then, whether the causes they support are maligned by mortals or revered by them.

Spirits are deathless, returning to the ether when their physical vessels are destroyed and return again to continue their crusade. Often these spirits beings, or spirits empowered beings, also seem to have some sort of natural ability to alter their physicality. Spirits are seemingly not tied to a shape or to time in the same way physical beings are.[1][2][3][4]


Spirit Champions

Other Related Champions

  • Alune Alune resides in a fortress within the Spirit Realm called the Marus Omegnum.
  • Braum Braum faced several ice spirits during his encounter with Yuumi Yuumi.
  • Irelia Irelia's ability to manipulate her Xan Crest Blades could potentially come from the Spirit of Ionia itself.
  • Karma Karma is a religious leader who venerates the Spirit of Ionia.
  • Lee Sin Lee Sin and the monks of the 02IO007-full.png Shojin Order worship and channel the Spirit of the Dragon.
  • Shen Shen, as the Eye of Twilight, is responsible for keeping balance and order between the Spirits and mortals.
  • Syndra Syndra is stated to have been imprisoned within the Dreaming Pool by the Spirit of Ionia.
  • Udyr Udyr is a Spirit Walker, and thus is capable of communing with animal spirits of the Freljord.
  • Yone Yone befriended Lillia Lillia on his hunt for Azakana.
  • Yasuo Yasuo may be the lone figure who entered Lillia's Lillia's garden.
  • Yuumi Yuumi is capable of travelling through the Spirit Realm with her companion The Book of Thresholds The Book of Thresholds.


The Vastayashai'rei

In an age lost to myth, the harmony of the First Lands was shattered by war between mortals and a race of titans that had come from the skies above. Calling upon the wisdom of their ancestors, the most enlightened mortals took the power of the spirit realm into themselves, becoming Vastayashai'rei—deathless shapechangers who could wield the natural world itself as a weapon.

The titans were eventually defeated, and the Vastayashai'rei were hailed as the heroes of the age. Even so, they refused to put themselves above their mortal kin, choosing instead to live among them as equals.

Their descendants were known as the vastaya. These were mystical, chimeric beings, neither mortal nor truly immortal, and greatly attuned to the magic of Runeterra.

In time, as the balance between realms was restored, the power of the Vastayashai'rei began to wane, and the vastaya left to form their own tribes. They proudly took their names from those who had defeated the titans—noble Kiila, dutiful Chyr, cunning Lhotl, and countless more besides. For thousands of years, the vastaya have sought to uphold their own spiritual legacy, even when it would bring them into conflict with one another.

More recently, as humans have continued to disrupt the currents of magic in the world, relations with the tribes have soured. No new vastaya have been born in several mortal lifetimes, and it could be that this ancient race now perceives another time of great change approaching...


Spirits have wide cultural influences around Runeterra Crest icon.png Runeterra. Some spirits may appear in multiple regions due to mixing of cultures and beliefs, while others are specific to a region. While demons are their own specific group, they are still referred to as spirits by many Runeterran cultures.

Runeterran Spirits

Runeterran folklore is rich with many stories of benevolent trickster spirits and jealous demons. They appear in numerous regions, with different names and appearances but ultimately being the same spirit.

  • Spirit of Fear Spirit of Fear: Known also as the Fiddlesticks, this primal spirit threatens the Runeterran countrysides during times of strife.
  • Spirit of Death Spirit of Death: In Demacian and Freljordian traditions, the Kindred, also known as the Two Hunters, are seen as the Lamb and the Wolf that wear the others masks. In Noxian tradition, the Wolf takes the predominant presence, as the citizens of Noxus value a violent death on the battlefield above all other kinds of deaths. In Ionian tradition, they are known as the Taker the Taker and are interpreted as a child and her beastly companion, endlessly playing games with one another until they are called to perform their duties. The two do not know where they came from, but it is said they feel a sense of loss for someone they knew long ago.
  • Spirit of Wisdom and Harmony Spirit of Wisdom and Harmony: In the Shuriman and Zaunite tradition Janna Janna, originally called Jan'ahrem (Ancient Shuriman: 'guardian') was a benevolent spirit who protected sea travelers from stormy weather. In modern times, she is a protective deity to the citizens of Zaun Crest icon.png Zaun, clearing out areas of the undercity from toxic fumes so that the people can breathe in fresh air. On occasions, she also gives comfort and guidance to people who need it.

Freljordian Spirits

Freljordian folklore is rich with many primal, anthropomorphic animals who can be both benevolent or hostile.

  • Spirit of the Eagle Spirit of the Eagle: Known also as Anivia, Frostbringer, this spirit is venerated across the Freljord, especially the Notai Tribe who follows the spirits migrations. She is the spirit of Ice, Wind, Snow, Everwinter, Freedom, and Hope.
  • Spirit of the Bear Spirit of the Bear: Known also as Volibear, Stormbringer, Valhir, or The Thousand-Pierced Bear The Thousand-Pierced Bear, this spirit is a violent warmongering entity whose goal is to bring the Freljord and its inhabitants back to their primordial savage ways. He is the spirit of Battle, War, and Storms. His most devout followers are called the Bear Stance unused.png Ursine, shamans who completely accept their wild natures.
  • Spirit of the Ram Spirit of the Ram: Known also as Ornn, or Firebringer, this spirit is a solitary and dedicated entity who finds comfort in crafting and building. He is the spirit of Forging, Craftmanship, and Fire. In the past, many Freljordian craftsman would flock to his side to learn from the talented mountainsmith.
Freljord has other spirit deities, such as: The Iron Boar, The Seal Sister, The Two-Headed Raven, and The Clever Lynx.

Ionian Spirits

For more information, see linkSpirit Blossom (Universe) Spirit Blossom.

Ionian folklore is rich with many stories of benevolent or trickster spirits, jealous demons, and tragic characters.

  • Spirit of Despair Spirit of Despair: A brave warrior from an ancient land; they were ignobly cut down in the heat of battle thousands of years ago, their sword shattering in the process. Unable to find peace, they obsessively scour an otherworldly battlefield for pieces of their broken blade, possessed by a horrific darkness that guides them into oblivion.
  • Spirit of Hate Spirit of Hate: Known also as Tsetsegua, they came from a lost clan of monster hunters, annihilated to the last when the primordial demon of pain chanced upon their hidden village. Unable to let go, and doomed to their own obsessions for eternity, they hunt the creature without end, always unable to catch it.
  • Spirit of Heroism Spirit of Heroism: Long ago, two brothers fought a bitter war across Ionia. The younger brother was a warlord renowned for his roguish demeanor until he was accused of crimes against the country and took up arms to defend himself. Both were fated to fall in their final duel.
  • Spirit of Loss Spirit of Loss: A shy fawn spirit, they once served as the guardian of a sacred Ionian forest until their grove was destroyed and cast into flame. Consumed by loss, they now slumber in the spirit realm, reliving the destruction in an unending nightmare unaware of the timid hope still waiting to bloom.
  • Spirit of Nature Spirit of Nature: A child of the forest also known as the Trickster, they are famed across Ionia as the embodiment of nature, though their more onerous accolade is the king of pranks. A consummate gadfly and lover of all things annoying, they exploit in tricking mortals and have graced the pages of Ionian history for hundreds of years.
  • Spirit of Obsession Spirit of Obsession: Known also as the Collector, the demon delight in tormenting the spirits of those they deems as flawed, but blossoming with potential. They haunt the spiritual afterlife as a supreme collector of souls, tempting the dead away from their path to salvation until they are trapped for eternity within their own memories.
  • Spirit of Pain: A demon that attacked the village of Tsetsegua.
  • Spirit of Reflection Spirit of Reflection: Long ago, two brothers fought a bitter war across Ionia. The older brother was a warlord renowned for his adherence to honor and duty. He fought to defend the country against those who would break its rites and rituals - until he was forced to confront his own brother for his crimes. Both were fated to fall in their final duel.
  • Spirit of Ionia: The primal spirit that represents the people, the land, and the nature of the First Lands.
  • Spirit of Salvation Spirit of Salvation: Known also as the Gatekeeper, it is the fox all mortals are beckoned towards when their souls arrive to the spirit realm.
  • Spirit of Temptation Spirit of Temptation: Rumored to have once been a beautiful princess, legend says she vanished into the mountains when her sister staged a coup, never to return.
  • Spirit of the Bloom: Spirit connected to nurturing flowers and plant nature.
  • LoR Spell Non-Slow Indicator.png Spirit of the Dragon: A primal spirit worshiped and channeled by the monks of the 02IO007-full.png Shojin Order.


  • While not being spirit themselves, the Vastaya are considered to be part-spirits as they share a lot of similarities, such as powerful connection to natural magics, shapeshifting abilities and emboding concepts (such as animals, plants e other natural pletora).


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