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Spiders are an arachnid group of species that can be found all across Runeterra, typically in caves or dark damp places.


Related Champions

  • Elise Elise has been magically altered by Vilemaw's venom.
  • LeBlanc LeBlanc gave Elise the opportunity to go to the Shadow Isles where she would eventually become the Spider Queen.


Spiders in the Runeterra multiverse are a fantasy take on spiders. While they appear to have the common physiological traits of a Earth spider (abdomen, cephalothorax, fangs, legs, and spinnerets), often certain body parts are greatly exaggerated to give the certain spider species a more intimidating appearance.

The spiderlings, as well as Elise herself closely resemble the black widow spiders, with black and red body colors. However, their body sizes are far larger, and they are able to consumer large prey such as humans.


Spiders have a deep cultural tie with human civilizations. They are often feared due to their appearance, as well as being a formidable predators (undead of the Shadow Isles have even been seen taking forms of spiders). However, spiders can also be a useful tool. In Noxian Basilich, the city is known for its paintings made out of webs.

Some humans have even taken upon themselves to alter their bodies to become something like a spider. Lady Elise Lady Elise has accepted to become a loyal servant of Vilemaw, a giant ancient spider, in exchange for her arachnid form.


  • Most Runeterran spiders were inspired by fantasy giant spiders, especially Ungoliant and her spawn.
  • Elise Elise was originally a human, but was magically altered by the powers of Vilemaw. Now she is able to transform into a giant spider.


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