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A spell card known as "Ritual of Renewal".

Spell is a type of card that a player can own, or a non-keyword effect that units can trigger.

Type of spells

There are 3 different kinds of Spell card Spell cards.

Some units can trigger spells or create spell cards. Some spells are even unique to the unit. Here are some unit-generate spells:

If player play a Champion card Champion, all duplicates of that card will turn to a special spell card. The card is a variant of a normal spell card; but beside from their usual effect, they will also shuffle a card of the champion into the deck.


To play a spell card, player need to pay the mana cost. If player have any spell mana left, the spell use up spell mana first before tapping into normal mana.


If a player play a Keyword Slow Slow or Keyword Fast Fast spell, a spell sequence starts. Each player then takes turn playing spells until one player pass.

Keyword Burst Burst spells totally ignore the Spell Sequence. When played, their effects trigger immidiately, without triggering or joining Spell Sequences. Also, the player continues their turn after the spell cast. This means, player can cast as many Burst Spells as possible, as long as the timer did not run out and player can pay the cost.

When a player pass during a spell sequence, the sequence stops and resolves. Then the spell reaction starts rolling out, in the order of the last spell played occur first. If the outcome is predicatable, player can use the Oracle's Eye to view how the current spell sequence resolve. [1]


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