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Not to be confused with Magic shield


Spell Shield example

Sivir OriginalSquare Sivir protecting herself with Spell Shield Spell Shield. Take note the health bar has a purple frame to indicate the Spell Shield status effect.

A Spell Shield refers to one of several effects that have the capacity to negate hostile abilities from applying to the recipient.

Single ability

The following will block one enemy ability, with precedence given to the ability spell shield. If the ability is of an enhanced basic attack (e.g. Harsh Lesson Harsh Lesson, Power Fist Power Fist) the spell shield will not block the damage of it, but only any additional effect it might have, like Stun icon crowd control. In the case of Harsh Lesson Harsh Lesson, the spell shield breaks even if the attack doesn't have any crowd control effect with it.

Champion abilities


Gameplay Elements
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