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Note: Not to be confused with magic shield.
For the Legends of Runeterra icon.png Legends of Runeterra mechanic, see Keyword SpellShield.png SpellShield.


Sivir Sivir protecting herself with Spell Shield Spell Shield.

The health bar usually has this purple frame to indicate the Spell Shield status.

A spell shield refers to one of several effects that have the capacity to negate hostile abilities from applying to the recipient.

Single ability

The following will block a single enemy ability or spell:

Champion abilities



Patch History

Unknown patch
  • Spell shield no longer blocks multiple hostile abilities if they struck at the same time the shield breaks. However, all hits will still be blocked if they come from the same ability (i.e multiple Azir's Azir's Soldier hits Soldier hits; Illaoi's Illaoi's Tentacle slams Tentacle slams).
Alpha Week 2
  • Added with the release of Sivir Sivir.