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The spell indicator shows the range of a champion's abilities and/or its area of effect. It is usually indicated by a blue circle around the champion or a line missile display originating from the champion. Different types of abilities have different indicators. Indicators can be seen simply by hovering over the ability or activating the ability with quick cast disabled.

The classifications for the indicators are general, and exceptions exist. Not all examples of each classification are included.

Single target indicator

This is the simplest indicator. It shows a circular range originating from the champion and a target as a cursor. Location-targeted spells don't require a target to be selected for them to work. These spells are usually single target nukes or chain targeted spells.



Area of effect indicators


Circular indicator

This indicator shows the spell's area of effect size and the range in which the champion can cast it.



Cone Indicator

This indicator shows a cone with its vertex starting from the champion.



Ring indicator

This indicator combines single target and area of effect indicators. It shows a circular range around the target.



Concentric Indicator

This indicator shows a circle inside a larger circle or a cone inside a cone.

  • Anivia's Anivia's Glacial Storm Glacial Storm, the smaller circle is the initial size of the area spell, the larger is the end size.
  • Leona's Leona's Solar Flare Solar Flare, the smaller circle is the stun's AoE, the larger is the slow's AoE.
  • Trundle's Trundle's Pillar of Ice Pillar of Ice, the smaller circle is the impassable terrain, the larger is the slow's AoE.
  • Ziggs' Ziggs' Mega Inferno Bomb Mega Inferno Bomb, the smaller circle is the primary explosion radius, the larger is the second explosion radius.

Horizontal line

Horizontal line indicator

This indicator shows a horizontal line AoE always perpendicular to where the champion is.



This indicator only show the range of the spell around the caster when hovering over the spell icon. This range indicator is used for point blank abilities and cursor quick cast abilities.


Line missile

Single line indicator

Line missile indicator

This indicator is used for skillshots originating from the champion outward in a vertical line missile display. The size and lengths differs for different abilities. This indicator can be turned off in the options menu, changing the indicator to look the same as a single target indicator.


Large line missile

Large line missile

This is a larger version of line missile indicator. It is used for global spells.

Line indicator

Long Line missile

This indicator is used for long-range, non-global spells that travel in a straight line. Examples:

However, this is not applied to every ability. The examples below use the standard line indicator:

Line through self

Line through self

These spells do not necessarily start from the caster, but the spells' effects will occur along a line through the caster. Examples:

Multiple Line Indicator

The indicator is used for skillshots with multiple missiles.

From the Champion

Multiple Line missiles

The missiles come from the champion. The indicator usually has a shape of a cone. Examples:

Converge At Cursor

These missiles converge at the cursor. Examples:

Vector missile

A vector missile does not originate from the base of the champion. The player must select two points: one within the ability's range, and another point, which can be outside the ability's range.

Spell Range Indicator

Circle Range Indicator

Circle range indicator

This is the basic spell range for non-directional champion abilities. The blue circle shows the maximum range that the spell can go. Examples:

The only directional spells that have circle range indicators are long range spells such as Lux's Lux's Final Spark Final Spark).

Minimap Range Indicator

Minimap range indicator

Since V1.0.0.121, long range spells have circular indicators on the minimap.


*The minimap does still show its range by turning slightly blue at the edge of the map.

No-range Indicator

This is the basic spell range for directional champion abilities, as well as global abilities.

Usually, the spell indicator length is the range of the spell. Examples: Ezreal's Ezreal's Mystic Shot Mystic Shot.

However, some spells increase range as it is charged. Examples: Vi's Vi's Vault Breaker Vault Breaker

Conic Range Indicator

This spell range is limited in a conic shape. Examples:

Unique indicators

These indicators are specific to a champion/skin, with the design being different for each skin. Some of these indicators do not affect gameplay but they do add a unique aesthetic flair to the selected skin.

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