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For the item in League of Legends, see Spear of Shojin item Spear of Shojin.

Patch History

  • Starting mana reduced to 15 from 20.
  • Mana gained per attack increased to 18% of maximum mana from 15%.
  • Attack damage reduced to 15 from 20.
V9.13 - July 3rd Hotfix
  • Bug Fix: Now correctly grants 15% of maximum mana per attack, instead of 20%.
V9.13 - Added
  • Spear of Shojin item Spear of Shojin
    • Stats: 20 attack damage and 20 starting mana.
    • Passive: After casting Special Ability for the first time, basic attacks restore an additional 15% of maximum mana.
    • Recipe: B. F. Sword item B. F. Sword + Tear of the Goddess item Tear of the Goddess.
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