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The Sorcerer trait represents champions who fight with magic, with the trait focusing on damage output through abilities.


  • There's three main categories to the Sorcerer trait:
    • The first type is a majority of the trait, high damage special abilities. Ahri OriginalSquare Ahri, Aurelion Sol OriginalSquare Aurelion Sol, and Karthus OriginalSquare Karthus give high AoE damage, while Veigar OriginalSquare Veigar gives single target burst damage.
    • The next two offer frontline units. With Lulu OriginalSquare Lulu giving healing along with increased max health and Kassadin OriginalSquare Kassadin being a tanky frontline unit along with support through mana draining.
    • The final two can be viewed as support for Sorcerers. Morgana OriginalSquare Morgana is more about stunning enemies; and Twisted Fate CutpurseSquare Twisted Fate is more about granting mana, allowing spells to cast even more rapidly.
  • It is a good idea to have Twisted Fate CutpurseSquare Twisted Fate centralized as much as possible so the most units get effected by his blue card.
  • Assassin TFT icon Assassin could be a nice trait to add to a Sorcerer team. Assassin's make their enemies want to clump together, while Sorcerers want teams to spread apart to avoid the AoE.


  • Since the synergy gives spell power, items that make the champion attack faster or charge their ability faster are appreciated. Guinsoo's Rageblade item Guinsoo's Rageblade is a good item for Sorcerers. Seraph's Embrace item Seraph's Embrace can be an alternative for Rageblade, but this doesn't take advantage of the Sorcerer's innate.
  • Luden's Echo item Luden's Echo and Rabadon's Deathcap item Rabadon's Deathcap are amazing items on most of the Sorcerers. Increasing the damage dealt with their special abilities by a lot.
  • Demon TFT icon Demon along with World Ender Darkin can allow a champion to accrue mana faster. This works well because Morgana OriginalSquare Morgana is already a Demon, along with the fact you only need Demon TFT bronze icon 2 Demons.


  • Thornmail item Thornmail and Dragon's Claw item Dragon's Claw along with other defensive items are obvious choices to mitigate damage. Dragon's Claw being generally more important.
  • Spread out the team, a lot of the Sorcerers have AoE special abilities, and if all allied champions are grouped up, the Sorcerers are much more efficient with their spell casts.
  • A lot of the Sorcerers are relatively fragile backline units, Assassin TFT icon Assassins can dispatch them quickly before they can cast spells.
  • Trap Claw item Trap Claw is an amazing item to use against them, a good portion of Sorcerers have high mana costs, so they don't cast them too often, and interrupting their first spell cast is devastating.
  • Demon TFT icon Demon and Hush item Hush can help prevent them from every casting their special abilities.
  • Sorcerers have a great amount of burst damage. once they start casting spells, allied unit's health will quickly deplete. This is avoidable through the use of Stun icon stun via Glacial TFT icon Glacial or other similar effects.
  • Dragon TFT icon Dragon is a natural counter to them with their synergy's high magic resistance.
  • Ionic Spark item Ionic Spark on a tanky or safe unit can help punish the Sorcerers when they do cast their spells.
  • Units with long range, such as those found in the Gunslinger TFT icon Gunslinger and Ranger TFT icon Ranger traits can allow units to attack freely while still being spread far apart enough to avoid the area of effect of their spells.


  • Ironically, Kassadin OriginalSquare Kassadin cannot utilize the innate since he does not generate mana.

Patch History

V9.22 - Disabled
  • Disabled due to Set 2.
  • Bonus ability power changed to 40 / 120 / 200 (based on the number of Sorcerers) from 40 / 100 / 175.
  • Bonus ability power changed to 40 / 100 / 175 (based on the number of Sorcerers) from 40 / 100.
  • Bonus ability power reduced to 40 / 100 (based on the number of Sorcerers) from 45 / 100.
  • Bonus ability power increased to 45 / 100 (based on the number of Sorcerers) from 35 / 100.
V9.13 - Added
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