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  • Soraka was one of the champions available in the Ionian pool during the Ionia vs. Noxus match.
    • Soraka was in the previous match and had apparently performed quite poorly.
  • In the Mac launch video, there is a banana in the weapons cabinet. This is a homage to Soraka's basic attack particle and horn, the look of which often have been compared to a banana.
  • Soraka's dance references a commercial for Chiquita bananas.
    • A side-by-side comparison can be seen here.
  • In the Ultra Rapid Fire game mode (available in April 2014), Soraka was deemed overpowered/obnoxious, and was ultimately disabled in non-custom games. However, she was enabled in future The Thinking Manatee profileicon URF and The Thinking Manatee profileicon ARURF events.
  • Wish Wish could be a reference to the high-level mage spell "Wish" in Dungeons & Dragons. One of the functions of the Wish spell is to heal the entire party, which is very much alike to Soraka's ability.
  • The ward skin Starcall Ward Starcall Ward references her.
  • The cast time of Soraka's abilities (except Equinox Equinox) does not cancel her movement or previous orders.
  • **Soraka** is one of four champions who use health as resource for their abilities, the other three being Dr. Mundo OriginalSquare Dr. Mundo,Vladimir OriginalSquare Vladimir,and Zac OriginalSquare Zac.



    "Yes, that was a banana. *giggles* No-one expects the banana!" is a reference to the community nickname for her conspicuous basic attack projectile. The second part of the joke may also be a reference to the Monty Python sketch The Spanish Inquisition notable for the catchphrase "Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition".
    • This could also be a reference to the 'banana kill' meme that is used in tournaments and other live events, where an "unexpected" last basic attack by Soraka kills off an enemy and the crowd goes wild about and/or the commentators commentate on how the last banana got the kill.
  • Soraka and Lee Sin OriginalSquare Lee Sin share the quote  
    Soraka OriginalCircle  
    Lee Sin.move3
    Lee Sin OriginalCircle "Where am I needed?"


Soraka OriginalCircle Original Soraka
    Soraka DryadCircle Dryad Soraka
    • This skin is based on the dryad, a nymph of the trees (specifically oak trees) from Greek mythology.
    • She may be referencing the Dryads from World of Warcraft.
    Soraka DivineCircle Divine Soraka
    • This skin is intended to show her appearance before she sacrificed her immortality to live amongst the mortals of Runeterra.
    Soraka CelestineCircle Celestine Soraka
    • This skin was reworked from an unreleased skin under the name "Battle Priestess Soraka".[3]
    • Celestine Soraka is likely a reference to white mages from the Final Fantasy series.
    Soraka ReaperCircle Reaper Soraka
    • While she was released in celebration of Harrowing 2014, contrary to popular belief, she was not released during the event. Rather, she was released after the Harrowing.[4][5][6]
    • The skin references Santa Muerte.
    • She has the scythe that Death is usually depicted to be wielding rather than her usual staff.
    • This skin may resemble Mistress Death from the Marvel Earth 616 universe.
    • She also resembles Raven from the DC universe.
    Soraka OrderoftheBananaCircle Order of the Banana Soraka
    Soraka ProgramCircle Program Soraka
    • She was released alongside : Lissandra ProgramCircle Program Lissandra
    • In Brazilian localization, she (along with all Program skins) is called Soraka Cibernética (Cyber Soraka) due to Program's translated double meaning.
    Soraka StarGuardianCircle Star Guardian Soraka
    • She references the magical girl genre of anime.
      • Her hairstyle might be referencing Sailor Neptune from the Sailor Moon series.
      • She resembles Green Heart from Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online as both share a somewhat similar outfit and have a pair of wings on their waist.
      • Her familiar is Shisa profileicon Shisa.
        • Shisa means "lion", from Middle Chinese 獅子 *ʂji-t͡sɨX < Late Han *si-t͡siəʔ[7] < Central Asian substrate noun *singʰa-.
        • Although never seen alongside Soraka in-game, it will however appear during her homeguard and recall animations.
        • It is grumpy and overprotective of Soraka, it will protect her from anything that could threaten her, including her own naiveté.
    Soraka PajamaGuardianCircle Pajama Guardian Soraka
    Soraka WinterWonderCircle Winter Wonder Soraka
    Chromaskins Chromas: Amethyst, Obsidian, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby
    Soraka DawnbringerCircle Dawnbringer Soraka
    • This skin represents Soraka if she was a Being of Order.
    • She summons a giant banana in her joke animation, which is a reference to the community nickname for her banana-like basic attack projectile.
    Soraka NightbringerCircle Nightbringer Soraka
    • This skin represents Soraka if she was a Being of Chaos.


    Soraka OriginalSquare Soraka, The Starchild
    • Soraka OriginalSquare Soraka knows of the Bard OriginalSquare Bard, and as a Celestial Being, she has deeper ties with him as well.[8]
    Soraka OriginalSquare old Original Soraka
    • Soraka was deceived by Warwick OriginalSquare old2 Warwick in his attempt to rip her heart out.
    • Soraka revived a nearly deceased Irelia OriginalSquare old2 Irelia during the Noxus Crest icon Noxian invasion of Ionia Crest icon Ionia. She did so by binding her life force to her Equilibrium Strike hiten blades.
    • Due to Karthus OriginalSquare Karthus being a being that embodies death and Soraka being a celestial deity of life, they are both rivals; this is reflected in both of their ultimate abilities: Karthus damages all enemy champions, while Soraka heals all ally champions.


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