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Champion Spotlight

Soraka Champion Spotlight

Soraka Champion Spotlight

Recommended Items

Summoner's Rift
Starting Health Potion item3 Ancient Coin item Warding Totem item
Early Nomad's Medallion item Boots of Speed item
Essential Remnant of the Ascended item Zeke's Convergence item Ionian Boots of Lucidity item
Aggressive Ardent Censer item Rabadon's Deathcap item Banner of Command item
Protective Mikael's Crucible item Locket of the Iron Solari item
Consumables Health Potion item Control Ward item Elixir of Sorcery item
Twisted Treeline
Starting Boots of Speed item Ancient Coin item Health Potion item4
Essential Talisman of Ascension item Ionian Boots of Lucidity item
Offensive Wooglet's Witchcap item Zeke's Convergence item Ardent Censer item
Defensive Moonflair Spellblade item Mikael's Crucible item Banner of Command item
Consumables Health Potion item Refillable Potion item Elixir of Sorcery item
Howling Abyss
Starting Guardian's Horn item Health Potion item3
Essential Spirit Visage item Ionian Boots of Lucidity item
Offensive Athene's Unholy Grail item Zeke's Convergence item Abyssal Mask item
Defensive Mikael's Crucible item Locket of the Iron Solari item Warmog's Armor item Randuin's Omen item Banshee's Veil item
Consumables Oracle's Extract item Health Potion item Elixir of Sorcery item


Playing As Soraka OriginalSquare Soraka
  • Soraka OriginalSquare Soraka is a powerful ally in battle, using her strong healing to keep the party moving forward.
  • You can use Wish Wish on your allies from across the map to save them from otherwise fatal events.
  • Equinox Equinox can be used as a powerful zoning tool to keep enemies at bay.
Playing Against Soraka OriginalSquare Soraka
  • Focus on attacking Soraka OriginalSquare Soraka when she ever ventures to the frontline to heal her allies.
  • Take advantage of Soraka OriginalSquare Soraka's long cooldown on Equinox Equinox if she uses it to harass.
  • It's easier to focus Soraka OriginalSquare Soraka than the ally she is healing.



Soraka’s a support who works best in the immediate proximity of her Marksman icon marksman. Here she can keep her lane partner healthy with Astral Infusion Astral Infusion before turning to Starcall Starcall to damage the enemy bot lane champions and restore some of her own health. Equinox Equinox has serious potential to win trades, too – casting it beneath an enemy AD caster (Graves OriginalSquare Graves and Varus OriginalSquare Varus, for example) greatly reduces their damage output, while using it beneath the enemy support cuts off their ability to use their array of abilities and summoner spells.

Equinox Equinox can be a lifesaver when the enemy jungler comes in to gank, too. Whenever Soraka casts the portal along the jungler’s attack route, she effectively forces them to choose between a longer gank path and the ability’s silence/snare gauntlet. Additionally, if her marksman’s already close to death but closer to the relative safety of their tower, then the speed boost from Salvation Salvation helps Soraka motor away from her enemies. Of course, if all else fails, Soraka can break the emergency glass and hit the big red Wish Wish button to buy her allies a few extra seconds of life.

Soraka LaningVideo


Soraka’s teamfight presence relies on sharp decision-making and making the most of Astral Infusion’s extremely low cooldown. Though she’s generally better off sticking close to – and healing up – her team’s backline, Salvation gives her enough movement speed to fly to the frontline and heal her suffering tanks. This presents risks, though: without the extra movement speed, she returns to her team’s backline – and safety – relatively slowly, giving the enemy team plenty of opportunities to wade in and cut her down. Soraka can diminish this threat by casting Equinox on the battle’s frontline, hopefully dissuading all but the most determined assassins from bursting through to kill her.

Finally, Wish has enough raw power to turn around seemingly lost fights. Timing is critical: using it early on tops off health and keeps the momentum of a fight in your team’s hands, but saving it until the last moment grants significantly more health and can fully dispirit a confident enemy team.

Soraka TeamfightVideo

Ability Usage

  • Use Salvation Salvation to weave in and out of danger and determine which ally needs healing. Be careful not to lead yourself into danger, as some allies may not be able to be saved.
    • Salvation Salvation's indicator, which appears on allies below 40% maximum health, also indicates when they will receive the 50% increased heal from Wish Wish.
    • Salvation Salvation only gives bonus movement speed when approaching low-health allies in range. Thus, it might even be beneficial to leave allies low just long enough to escape danger.
    • Observant enemy players will be able to notice changes in Soraka OriginalSquare Soraka's movement speed when a low-health ally is in range. Be sure that your jungler or roaming ally does not enter your vicinity at low health if you need their presence to be elusive.
  • Leveling Starcall Starcall at rank 1 is desirable if you and your laning partner seek to reach level 2 first.
    • Maxing it first will give greater poke potential, a larger self-heal, and enable lane dominance. It also extends the duration of Rejuvenation when casting Astral Infusion Astral Infusion on an ally.
    • Starcall Starcall's projectile falls more slowly the longer the distance at which it is cast from.
      • If cast from a long range, you may need to lead your target. Oftentimes in laning, the enemy laner will move back after last-hitting a minion. Try casting the ability behind them. However, keep in mind that moving forward far enough to do so may put you in range of retaliation.
      • In desperate circumstances or situations where you may need to land a faster Starcall Starcall consider casting it as close to Soraka OriginalSquare Soraka as possible. This is easiest using Flash Flash to get on top of an opponent beforehand.
    • Sometimes, it may be unnecessary to use Starcall Starcall if Soraka OriginalSquare Soraka is at full health, and if Astral Infusion Astral Infusion is maxed first instead, the damage in early laning may be negligible. In this case, it may better to conserve your mana for more appropriate times.
    • Starcall Starcall provides vision of unwarded brush for a brief period. Use this to check bushes rather than warding them or directly facechecking, as this can help prevent unwanted deaths.
  • Leveling Astral Infusion Astral Infusion at level 1 is desirable if you wish to give your a jungler a "perfect" leash in the support role, need to level it on-point in the case of early jungle invades, and/or seek to play passive in lane. Maxing it first will dramatically buff the heal on an ally.
    • Soraka OriginalSquare Soraka should be able to heal her jungler once during the leash, step out of experience range when her jungler Smite Smite's the buff, and then heal her jungler a second time while heading to lane with her ADC in a fashionable time frame.
    • Despite its health cost, Astral Infusion Astral Infusion has a relatively low mana cost. As such, in a support role in lane, Soraka OriginalSquare Soraka can remain relevant with only a couple points of extra mana regeneration.
    • Reserving her Astral Infusion Astral Infusion until after she has hit enemy champions with Starcall Starcall will pass the health regeneration onto her target ally and maximizes the ratio of health and mana cost to heal amount.
    • Casting Astral Infusion Astral Infusion many times over a short period can drain a large portion of Soraka OriginalSquare Soraka's health. Be mindful of positioning in extended trades.
    • Once both Starcall Starcall and Astral Infusion Astral Infusion are leveled at least once, Soraka OriginalSquare Soraka should be seeking to land Starcall Starcalls to regain some or all of the health that is lost from casting Astral Infusion Astral Infusion.
      • If Soraka OriginalSquare Soraka fails to land enough sufficient Starcall Starcall's, it may be necessary to invest in some alternative health restoration methods through itemization, including health regeneration and consumables.
    • Astral Infusion Astral Infusion can be a powerful, though risky, lane control tool if used effectively.
  • Equinox Equinox is rarely leveled first and is typically the last ability to be maxed.
    • Due to Equinox Equinox's instantaneous cast time, it can be used to swiftly interrupt channeled abilities, such as Katarina OriginalSquare Katarina's Death Lotus Death Lotus or Janna OriginalSquare Janna's Monsoon Monsoon.
      • Alternatively, it can also be used as a trap to prevent enemy champions from engaging from a Teleport Teleport or other global ability. For example, when placed in the epicenter of Pantheon OriginalSquare Pantheon's Grand Skyfall Grand Skyfall, it can prevent him from leaping onto an ally with Aegis of Zeonia Aegis of Zeonia due to the Silence icon silence field and will subsequently Root icon root him, making him vulnerable to a counter-engage.
    • Because the Root icon root from Equinox Equinox is extremely difficult to land, consider using it as a crowd-control extension ability instead. When Amumu OriginalSquare Amumu, for example, lands a Curse of the Sad Mummy Curse of the Sad Mummy on multiple enemies, a slightly delayed Equinox Equinox can effectively disable them for an even longer period of time - preventing them from Flash Flashing and then Root icon rooting them - allowing your allies to make quick work without fear of retaliation.
    • When escaping from a dangerous situation, lead the path of your enemy and cast Equinox Equinox where they would be Root icon rooted.
    • While Equinox Equinox never guarantees a Root icon root if any enemy champion simply walks over its entire radius, the Slow icon slow from Starcall Starcall will make the Root icon root more likely to occur.
    • Equinox Equinox cannot deal damage to lane minions or neutral monsters.
  • Use Wish Wish in the early laning phase to make an impact on allied lanes across the map.
    • If you are sure only a single ally will die and that a Wish Wish will not be able to save them, it may be wise to conserve it for a more appropriate use.
    • Some enemy champions, like Katarina OriginalSquare Katarina with Death Lotus Death Lotus, can constantly reapply Grievous Wounds icon Grievous Wounds over a period of time. Be sure to engage them in a more favorable circumstance when possible.


  • Keystones:
    • Summon Aery rune Summon Aery
      • Summon Aery rune Summon Aery is the keystone taken in most cases on Soraka OriginalSquare Soraka. Summon Aery rune Summon Aery works great for both of Soraka OriginalSquare Soraka's playstyle, both for passive healing with her Astral Infusion Astral Infusion applying the shield, and for playing aggressive in lane with Starcall Starcall and her basic attack applying the damage. Taking Summon Aery rune Summon Aery also gives you Sorcery icon Sorcery as your primary tree, which is a much wanted tree on Soraka OriginalSquare Soraka because of the Ability power icon Ability Power it gives, and a lot of good runes.
    • Guardian rune Guardian
      • Guardian rune Guardian can be a good choice if you're facing a difficult lane and need the extra shield to save yourself and/or your ADC from dying to an all in. Taking Guardian rune Guardian means you have to take Resolve icon Resolve as your primary tree which also gives you more good options for surviving lane.
    • Unsealed Spellbook rune Unsealed Spellbook
      • Unsealed Spellbook rune Unsealed Spellbook is a very situational keystone that can work in certain scenarios on Soraka OriginalSquare Soraka. If you are up against a team with a lot of long range Crowd control the ability to switch to Cleanse Cleanse and have your Summoner spells off Cooldown reduction icon Cooldown more often can be very useful.
  • Trees:
    • Resolve icon Resolve
      • Resolve icon Resolve is almost always taken on Soraka OriginalSquare Soraka either as the primary or the secondary tree. As Soraka OriginalSquare Soraka you are often the primary target for the enemy team, so the extra survivability from the Resolve icon Resolve can go a long way with helping you not die as easily.
    • Sorcery icon Sorcery
      • Sorcery icon Sorcery is taken almost as often as Resolve icon Resolve except when running Unsealed Spellbook rune Unsealed Spellbook where Resolve icon Resolve is often your secondary tree instead.
        • Manaflow Band rune Manaflow Band is a good choice to increase your lane pressure with the ability to cast your Starcall Starcall more often, can be replaced with Nullifying Orb rune Nullifying Orb when facing heavy magic damage burst.
        • Celerity rune Celerity gives Soraka OriginalSquare Soraka some much needed safety with the ability to make dodging abilities easier, and making it easier to get away from the enemy. Transcendence rune Transcendence can also be taken to get some extra Ability power icon Ability Power from going over the Cooldown reduction icon Cooldown Reduction cap, but is usually not taken because of how strong the Movement speed icon Movement Speed from Celerity rune Celerity is.
        • Scorch rune Scorch and Gathering Storm rune Gathering Storm are both good options on Soraka OriginalSquare Soraka and mostly comes down to how you want to play. Scorch rune Scorch gives Soraka OriginalSquare Soraka even more poke in lane, making her already strong early game even stronger, but is not nearly as good as Gathering Storm rune Gathering Storm later in the game. Gathering Storm rune Gathering Storm is also a viable choice if you don't want to play as aggressive because of preference or when facing a difficult lane matchup.
    • Inspiration icon Inspiration
      • Inspiration icon Inspiration is rarely taken on Soraka OriginalSquare Soraka, but can be good if you can get away with less lane pressure from Sorcery icon Sorcery, or less durability from Resolve icon Resolve.
        • Biscuit Delivery rune Biscuit Delivery is always a good choice, especially when facing heavy poke allowing you to more easily sustain both yourself and your ADC.
        • Magical Footwear rune Magical Footwear can comfortably be picked up on Soraka OriginalSquare Soraka because of her tendency to stay in lane in the early game without roaming. Not having to spend Gold 300 on Boots of Speed item Boots of Speed lets you start building your Heal power Healing items earlier, and the extra Movement speed icon Movement Speed on your boots is also good for the same reasons as Celerity rune Celerity.
        • Cosmic Insight rune Cosmic Insight is a good rune on most champions just for the ability to reach 45% Cooldown reduction icon Cooldown Reduction, but Soraka OriginalSquare Soraka also greatly benefits from the lower Summoner spell Cooldown reduction icon Cooldown allowing you to stay safer.


  • Soraka OriginalSquare Soraka has two possible starting build paths to follow.
  • Soraka OriginalSquare Soraka has a wide variety of boots to choose from:
  • Soraka OriginalSquare Soraka has strong utility and strong base burst damage, so consider building items that complement this utility:
    • Zeke's Convergence item Zeke's Convergence offers a mixture of defense and utility. Due to the spammable nature of Soraka's heals, she stacks the item very quickly. Once the passive kicks in, her heals become amplified. The mix of Armor, CDR, and mana also help to make her windows of weakness a bit harder to exploit.
    • Ardent Censer item Ardent Censer can help turn the tides in a teamfight if more than one team member is auto-attack reliant. A well-timed Wish Wish can allow your team to focus down an enemy or tower more quickly and Astral Infusion Astral Infusion can apply the attack speed buff in smaller skirmishes. It combos well with Zeke's Convergence item Zeke's Convergence, as the attack speed allows your carries to abuse the 50% bonus critical strike change more effectively.
    • Banner of Command item Banner of Command is a great buy. The stats benefit you and your team a great deal - you heal for more and make the effective health greater thanks to added resistances, but the biggest impact of this item lies in the active.
    • A Chalice of Harmony item Chalice of Harmony provides high mana regeneration, which is vital to allowing Soraka OriginalSquare Soraka to support over a longer period of time, and some magic resistance.
      • Athene's Unholy Grail item Athene's Unholy Grail is the more offensive upgrade if you are looking to be more aggressive.
      • Mikael's Crucible item Mikael's Crucible is key for a more passive play style and helps immensely against a CC-heavy team if you are looking to protect a valuable carry.
  • Building health on Soraka OriginalSquare Soraka is discouraged due to Astral Infusion Astral Infusion's percent health cost. Avoid items like Spirit Visage item Spirit Visage and Warmog's Armor item Warmog's Armor.
    • However, with the right runepage and items a Warmog's Armor item Warmog's Armor build is viable. Due to the rapid hp regen.
  • Aegis of the Legion item Aegis of the Legion and Locket of the Iron Solari item Locket of the Iron Solari are valuable builds against heavy magic damage. Consider buying an Aegis into a Locket once you see a magic damage dealer on the enemy team making a strong impact.
  • Stacking resistance items is preferable on Soraka OriginalSquare Soraka because such items do not increase Astral Infusion Astral Infusion's health cost.
  • Outside of stacking resistances, Soraka OriginalSquare Soraka should be able to make use of a hefty amount of Health Potion item Health Potions even on a support's budget, as she will often be below max health.

Counter Tips

  • Soraka OriginalSquare Soraka depletes her own health to heal others. Try dodging her Starcall Starcall early on as it is the only way she can replenish health on her own (besides health regeneration and Health Potion item Health Potions).
    • Soraka can also restore her own health with Heal Heal and Wish Wish. However, Starcall Starcall is still her primary method of self-healing, and dodging it is very important if you don't have enough burst damage or crowd control to counter her sustain.
  • Astral Infusion Astral Infusion has a short range (550). Try bursting her down so that she cannot heal her allies.
  • The key to keep her down in lane is to poke her down slowly and dodge Starcall Starcall. This will keep her vulnerable when she tries to heal her lane partner with Astral Infusion Astral Infusion.
  • Blitzcrank OriginalSquare Blitzcrank and Thresh OriginalSquare Thresh can assert lane dominance against her. A well timed hook from either champion can force her to use Flash Flash and play more cautiously.
    • However you must play very aggressively. Otherwise Soraka will actually end up outsustaining and outharassing both of them.
  • Picking Ignite Ignite instead of Exhaust Exhaust can also be an option not only to zone Soraka with the threat of being killed, but also because of the Grievous Wounds icon Grievous Wounds. However, keep in mind the rest of her team, because if it has dangerous mobile assassins such as Kha'Zix OriginalSquare Kha'Zix and Zed OriginalSquare Zed, then it is better to still take Exhaust Exhaust instead of Ignite Ignite.
  • When playing against Soraka, it may be a good idea to build an early Executioner's Calling item Executioner's Calling, which will cut her sustain.



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