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  • A Power Chord Power Chord consists of a double root and the fifth, usually heard in rock music.
  • A Hymn of Valor Hymn (Greek: 'song of praises') is a type of song usually associated to religion, the Islamic equivalent is a Dhikr.
  • An Aria of Perseverance Aria (from PIE *h₂ewsḗr > Greek ἀήρ "wind, loft" > Latin aer > English air) is a type of melody usually associated to operas.
  • Crescendo Crescendo (Italian: 'growing') refers to the amplification of volume in music.
    • In-game Crescendo Crescendo triggers both a Stun icon stun and the target(s)' dance emote simultaneously.
  • Sona was deemed overpowered/obnoxious for Ultra Rapid Fire in April 2014, and was ultimately disabled in non-custom games.
  • Sona was once the champion with the lowest base Armor at Level 1 (9).
  • Sona's Deutsch/German title, Die Virtuosin, is the feminine derivative of JhinSquare Jhin's title, Der Virtuose.


  • Sona comes from Proto-Italic verbal root *swen- "to sound"[1] plus feminine suffix -a
    • *Swen- historically yields Proto-Italic *swenos > Latin sonus > French son > English sound.
    • Her title Maven references her musical skill with her Etwahl. & comes from Yiddish:
      • From Hebrew מֵבִין meḇin & מבינה meḇinah, active participles of hebin < bān < Semitic root b-y-n "to separate, to discern";[2]
    • Her instrument's name is based on & pronounced the same as French étoile [etʷal] < PIE root *h₂sters (> English star)[3]
      • Etwahl's shape is based on the Chinese Guzheng;
  • Sona is voiced by Erin Fitzgerald, who also voices Sona DJCircle DJ Sona and JannaSquare Janna.
  • Sona, ZedSquare Zed, GarenSquare Garen, and ViSquare Vi were targeted by JhinSquare Deadeye.
    • After Sona was shot, her champion icon on her League of Legends website page and champion list were updated to a gif with what seems to be butterflies floating past and marks near her throat.
  • There are textures for an unreleased Disco skin for Sona.
  • Sona is an older champion release that had no login screen, but she had  
    Sona Unused Login Music
    a theme created to be remixed for Sona DJCircle DJ Sona.


  • Sona is mute, yet can talk to others and Summoners/players via telepathy.
  • Sona was born and spent her childhood and adolescence in Ionia before moving to Demacia after Lestara Buvelle adopted her.
    • Her Power Chord Etwhal may or may not be possessed by an entity of the spirit world seeing as in Ionia the veil separating both planes is at its thinnest there compared to the rest of Runeterra.


  • "From my mind, to yours" might be referencing the Vulcan mind meld from Star Trek.
  • "Allegrissimo" is Italian for 'play the music faster in a very lively or cheerful way'.
  • "Brioso, Brioso!" is Italian and Spanish for 'lively'/'merry'/'proud'/'high spirited'.
  • "Adagio" is Italian for 'gently/'slowly'/'more graceful'/'leisurely'.
  • The tune from Sona's taunt references Finish Him/Her! from Mortal Kombat.


Sona OriginalCircle Original Sona
  • She resembles and might have been heavily inspired by Hatsune Miku.
Sona MuseCircle Muse Sona
Sona PentakillCircle Pentakill Sona
Sona SilentNightCircle Silent Night Sona
Sona GuqinCircle Guqin Sona
Chromaskins Chromas: Golden
Sona ArcadeCircle Arcade Sona
Sona DJCircle DJ Sona
  • She is the first to be fully music-based, the second being BardSquare Bard.
    • She doesn't speak at all like in Classic.
  • She exists in the same universe as Pentakill and K/DA[4]
  • She has a combined over three hours of sound effects, music, and 'voiceover', making her the champion with the most sound files.
    • They call all be heard here.
  • She has three toggleable ('/toggle' or Ctrl + 5 by default, second row from the bottom in Options > Hotkeys > Communication > Toggle to rebind) forms (Kinetic, Concussive, Ethereal)
    • Changing forms a 0.5 seconds cast time and a 2 seconds global cooldown (this also triggers while in combat)
      • Each one has a 'theme' that is played in layers as the game progresses.
        • The layers played will be added to all songs depending on what basic ability is used for the first time and also which level of ultimate has been used for the first time, the latter also affecting the theme structure.
  • Sona's teammates can opt in to listen her soundtrack from the scoreboard (icon to the left of her portrait)
    • They cannot choose which 'theme' since that is dependent of the form Sona chooses.
  • Using Crescendo Crescendo for the first time as soon as an ultimate level is unlocked will upgrade the theme structure of all forms. Using the level 1 ultimate will permanently apply all basic layers, allowing the basic abilities to add new ones. Using the level 2 ultimate will allow the song reach its climax, becoming the regular version of the songs. Using the level 3 ultimate will trigger a more dynamic and intense version of the regular songs.
    • If Crescendo Crescendo is used for the first time while in Kinetic form, a fragment of the Metroid theme will play.
  • Her helmet references Daft Punk.
  • Her joke might be referencing Flipping Tables / (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ .
  • Her cube from Concussive references the Button Beats Dubstep Cube.
  • DJ is the first skin in which Sona's legs can be actually seen.
Sona SweetheartCircle Sweetheart Sona
Sona OdysseyCircle Odyssey Sona
Chromaskins Chromas: Aquamarine, Obsidian, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Tanzanite


  • MordekaiserSquare Mordekaiser embarked on a metal-fueled journey to recruit KarthusSquare Karthus, YorickSquare Yorick, Sona, and OlafSquare Olaf in order to form Pentakill so they would Smite Smite and Ignite Ignite the whole of Runeterra with their music.[5]
    • Sona didn't leave the band to become a DJ, she is simply branching out.[6][7]
  • JhinSquare Jhin sees Sona as an art rival, stating that his form of art leaves longer, more lasting imprints.
  • In the Call of Power cinematic, Sona traveled with RyzeSquare Ryze to the Hirana monastery during the Noxian invasion, only to be ambushed by the Navori Brotherhood.