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Ezreal 270
"I'm told the Poro King does not banish guests lightly. *nervous chuckle, followed by a heavy sigh*"
Ezreal PulsefireCircle Pulsefire Ezreal
Poro King Court
  • Annie FrostfireCircle Frostfire Annie
    Annie is a Winterlands prodigy—a child born with both innate magic and a spirit guardian, the first of her kind in many generations. Though still young, she has already become a joyous fixture in the halls of the Poro King.
  • Karma WinterWonderCircle Winter Wonder Karma
    A powerful sorceress at one with the natural world, Karma spreads snow like a soft blanket across the enchanted forests of the Winterlands. A loyal friend of the Poro King—wherever Karma goes, winter follows.
  • Lulu WinterWonderCircle Winter Wonder Lulu
    A kindly sorceress trailed by her poro pal Pix, Lulu's whimsical ice magic amazes and delights Snowdown revelers everywhere. She's also a skilled fighter, firing deadly glacial spikes and transforming foes into harmless snowmen.
  • Master Yi SnowManYiCircle Snow Man Yi
    Chromaskins Chromas: Amethyst, Obsidian, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby
    A humble snowman brought to life by the magic of the Poro King, Yi strives to become the most gallant knight in all the land… and with the imminent invasion of Ice King Twitch, he might just get his chance.
  • Neeko WinterWonderCircle Winter Wonder Neeko
    Chromaskins Chromas: Amethyst, Catseye, Emerald, Obsidian, Rainbow, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Turquoise
    An ancient and mysterious winter sprite, Neeko regards the world around her with an almost childlike curiosity. Having recently returned from beyond the Poro King's vast domain, she has become enamored with the civilization that has risen in her absence.
  • Orianna WinterWonderCircle Winter Wonder Orianna
    A strange clockwork girl imbued with the magic of the Winterlands, Orianna once lived within a snowglobe created by a kindly old inventor. At the end of his life he freed her, and now she searches for greater purpose, serving in the court of the Poro King.
  • Poppy SnowFawnCircle Snow Fawn Poppy
    The Poro King's right hand and loyal shield, Poppy enforces her furry liege's decrees and protects him from all harm. She also enjoys Snowdown festivities, a holiday she discovered on one of her many colorful adventures.
  • Sejuani PoroRiderCircle Poro Rider Sejuani
    Stranded as a child in the Poro King's enchanted Winterlands, Sejuani was taken in by the poros and raised as their own. She is now one of their greatest champions, riding a slobbery, snack-obsessed war poro against any who would threaten her adoptive home.
  • Soraka WinterWonderCircle Winter Wonder Soraka
    Chromaskins Chromas: Amethyst, Obsidian, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby
    A kindly duchess within the court of the Poro King, Soraka's lands are filled with beautiful animals made of pristine, enchanted ice. These menageries stretch for miles, tended by her retainers.
Winterland Inhabitants
  • Dr. Mundo FrozenPrinceMundoCircle Frozen Prince Mundo
    Chromaskins Chromas: Aquamarine, Obsidian, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby
    Once a handsome prince from an outlying region of the Winterlands, Mundo was touched by the curse of Ice King Twitch—corrupting him into a brutish thrall. He's still convinced he's the same statuesque royal as before, and as such… goes where he pleases.
  • Fiddlesticks DarkCandyCircle Dark Candy Fiddlesticks
    As lights go out across the Winterlands in preparation for Snowdown season, something ancient and terrible rises from the darkest corners of the Poro King's lands. Devoid of thought or purpose, it hunts for holiday revelers as if possessed, cutting down anything that crosses its path.
  • Irelia FrostbladeCircle Frostblade Irelia
    Chromaskins Chromas: Golden
    An ice sprite hailing from the mythical Winterlands, Irelia's demeanor is surprisingly stoic considering her mischievous brethren. Despite this, she aspires to one day serve in the court of the Poro King.
  • Sivir SnowstormCircle Snowstorm Sivir
    Chromaskins Chromas: Golden
    The wild and brash Battle Mistress known as Sivir cares only for the thrill of combat and the rattle of coin. She relentlessly hunts her bounties across the ice, cutting down opponents with a massive, razor-sharp snowflake as hard and unforgiving as the cruelest snowstorm.
  • Twitch IceKingCircle Ice King Twitch
    Chromaskins Chromas: Obsidian, Rainbow, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Tanzanite
    Twitch is a bitter, hateful creature who has jealously watched the Winterlands from his frozen burrow since time immemorial. Finally driven to the surface by twisted delusions of grandeur, he now seeks to usurp the Poro King, corrupting his subjects with an ancient, icy curse.


ARAM-ARAMA: The Roadtrip

The Tale of the Poro King


  • These skins represent the wilderness aspect of Snowdown Showdown, having most the champions wearing snow themed clothing.
  • Snowdown Showdown event skins were also released along side Sugar Rush and Toy Box themed skins, however these themes has since deviated from the Snowdown Showdown theme into their own separate thematics.
    • Sugar Rush is connected with the Snowdown Showdown universe due to Fiddlesticks DarkCandyCircle Dark Candy Fiddlesticks living in the Winterlands of the larger Poro King domain.
    • In 2019, all traditional Snowdown skins were replaced with Sugar Rush skins. This is due to the Pre-season Summoner's Rift Elements map changes, as well as the traditional Snowdown skins not being as popular as Riot Games hoped it would be. However, Legend of the Poro King returned as a seasonal Featured game mode.[1][2]
  • Despite not being part of this theme, Taliyah FreljordCircle Freljord Taliyah shares thematic elements with this skin theme.
  • Annie FrostfireCircle Frostfire Annie and Irelia FrostbladeCircle Frostblade Irelia were made Snowdon Showdown skins and were not originally released as part of the set.


Snowdown 2018 - Login Screen

Snowdown 2018 - Login Screen

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