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Ezreal 234
"Snowball fight!"
Ezreal PulsefireCircle Pulsefire Ezreal
Snow Day Combatants
  • Bard SnowDayCircle Snow Day Bard
    Chromaskins Chromas: Golden
    Bard's vast cosmic powers and inscrutable nature are great assets in a snowball fight. Summoning an array of enchanted Winterland penguins, self-warming cups of cocoa, and portals to nowhere give this Wandering Caretaker an unbeatable edge.
  • Gnar SnowDayCircle Snow Day Gnar
    Gnar can't resist the call of a tussle in fresh powder, but woe to those who forget what they're dealing with. Mega Gnar lurks just beneath the surface, ready to take the snowball fight to the next level... and rip someone in half.
  • Graves SnowDayCircle Snow Day Graves
    Chromaskins Chromas: Golden
    Outfitted with his mighty snowblowing gun and a can-do attitude, Graves enters every snowball fight with the same entrepreneurial spirit that got him out of prison. Which is to say, blowing a lot of things up with little to no regard for his own safety.
  • Malzahar SnowDayCircle Snow Day Malzahar
    Chromaskins Chromas: Golden
    Prophets of doom love a snow day as much as anybody—perhaps even more, since Malzahar knows everything will one day be swallowed by the Void. Clad in fashionable winter gear and flanked by an army of voidling poros, he's ready to usher in the snowball apocalypse.
  • Singed SnowDayCircle Snow Day Singed
    Even deranged chemists need a day off, and Singed is no exception. Riding into battle with his recently sharpened sled and (patent pending) Portablizzard backpack, he is ready to dominate the snowball game, one crushing victory at a time.
  • Syndra SnowDayCircle Snow Day Syndra
    Impossibly powerful magic is one way to enter a snowball fight, and Syndra's unshackled abilities spell doom for anyone who hates getting snow in their eyes. Everyone has a lighter side, even the Dark Sovereign.
  • Ziggs SnowDayCircle Snow Day Ziggs
    Ziggs knows a thing or two about lobbing bombs, and he's happy to take a break and throw snowballs around instead. If by “a couple”, you mean several hundred, and by “balls”, you mean volatile spheres of explosive wintery death.


Academy Adventures

What does a day in the life of Academy Ahri, Darius, Ekko, and Vlad look like? Wonder no longer! We collaborated with Sara 'Gutter Rat' Morgan, a wickedly talented community creator, to bring the students' school shenanigans to life.[1]


  • These skins reprisent the sporty side of the Snowdown Showdown, having most the champions wearing snow attire. Snowballs are a key element to this theme.
  • Snowdown Showdown event skins were also released alongside Sugar Rush and Toy Box themed skins, however these themes has since deviated from the Snowdown Showdown theme into their own separate thematics.
    • In 2019, all traditional Snowdown skins were replaced with Sugar Rush skins. This is due to the Pre-season Summoner's Rift Elements map changes, as well as the traditional Snowdown skins not being as popular as Riot Games hoped it would be. However, Legend of the Poro King returned as a seasonal Featured game mode.[2][3]
  • Bard SnowDayCircle Snow Day Bard is a music professor in the Academy universe through the comic series, Academy Adventures.


Snowdown 2016 - Login Screen

Snowdown 2016 - Login Screen

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A Snowdown Snowtale Snowdown 2016 Skins Trailer - League of Legends


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