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Ezreal 57
"Seasons greetings! ...What month is this?"
Ezreal PulsefireCircle Pulsefire Ezreal
  • Braum SantaCircle Santa Braum
    He's making that list, and checking it twice—but there's a lot of room for improvement because Braum is so nice! He may be tasked with giving coal to naughty children, but his big heart and sunny outlook ensure everyone gets exactly what they wanted... even the bad kids.
  • Draven SantaCircle Santa Draven
    Draven always knew he would make the perfect Santa. He's handsome, his hair is incredible, he has a great sense of fashion, he's defeated hundreds in the Noxian fighting pits, and his flying axes are super sharp—the perfect Santa, more or less.
  • Gragas SantaCircle Santa Gragas
    Some might say Gragas would be the perfect Santa, and between his jolly frame and wild beard he certainly fits the bill. But Gragas is also very unreliable, constantly intoxicated, and starts fights seemingly at random—but he likes the costume, and no one is brave enough to take it back.
  • Veigar BadSantaCircle Bad Santa Veigar
    Most Santas wish to bring joy and enchantment to children everywhere, but Veigar wants no such thing. His dark ambitions have grown beyond simply thwarting Snowdown—he schemes to throw the world into chaos, blotting out the holidays with his evil forever.
  • Zilean OldSaintCircle Old Saint Zilean
    Though many Santas compete to give the most holiday cheer, Zilean's mastery over the flow of time lets him deliver huge numbers of presents in an instant. So far this has not created a reality-annihilating Snowdown paradox.
  • Jinx AmbitiousElfCircle Ambitious Elf Jinx
    A master toy maker and inventor, Jinx believes she could one day become the greatest Santa anyone has ever seen. Other elves worry her creations could be classified as weapons... but sometimes that's the price of true ambition.
  • Nunu WorkshopCircle Workshop Nunu
    While the sight of a holiday yeti and his small elf companion may seem frightening, there is no gentler pair than Willump and Nunu. Nunu builds the toys, while Willump accidentally crushes them with his inhuman strength.
  • Teemo HappyElfCircle Happy Elf Teemo
    An elf renowned for his unflinching happiness in all things, some people once believed that under Teemo's merry exterior lay the heart of a killer. Those naysayers soon vanished under completely normal circumstances.
  • Tristana EarnestElfCircle Earnest Elf Tristana
    Known for her warm smile and heartfelt sincerity, Tristana's love of holiday cheer brings joy to everyone. She fiercely defends Snowdown festivities with a ferocious barrage of overstuffed presents.
  • Amumu Re-GiftedCircle Re-Gifted Amumu
    Like decorative soaps or a fifth pair of socks, Amumu has been passed back and forth between disgruntled family members for generations. For some reason nobody seems to want the sobbing, accursed mummy boy.
  • Maokai FestiveCircle Festive Maokai
    Big, jolly, and possessed by a literal holiday spirit, the living fir tree known as Maokai loves nothing more than to unwrap the presents tucked under him every year. He would prefer to do this away from the fire.
  • Shaco NutcrackoCircle Nutcracko
    A terrifying, evil nutcracker from an unknown time and place, Nutcracko's nightmarish appearance and dagger-hurling boxes of death are a curse on Snowdown festivities. He wishes to eliminate all Santas, ushering in a new age of stale fruitcake and creepy wooden toys.
Snowdown Inhabitants
  • Heimerdinger SnowmerdingerCircle Snowmerdinger
    Brought to life by the power of a magic hat, Snowmerdinger now pursues theoretical Snowdown sciences including snowball trajectory, cocoa cooling speeds, and automated turret construction. He engineered his own strain of carrot noses.
  • Katarina SlayBelleCircle Slay Belle Katarina
    Donning a mishmash of Snowdown fashions to throw targets off her scent, Katarina uses the holidays as a cover for high profile assassinations. If you hear the sound of jingle bells... run.
  • Kog'Maw ReindeerCircle Reindeer Kog'Maw
    It is rumored that Kog'Maw stole his glowing nose and deer antlers from a particularly adorable creature he devoured. Whether or not the theory is true, Kog'Maw is now the most famous reindeer of all.
  • LeBlanc MistletoeCircle Mistletoe LeBlanc
    LeBlanc's wicked illusions grow only more powerful during Snowdown, when the season of giving takes hold, and people are at their most gullible. Her enchanting looks only serve to draw more victims in, becoming pawns in her inscrutable games.
  • Miss Fortune CandyCaneCircle Candy Cane Miss Fortune
    Miss Fortune isn't interested in who's been nice—the naughty are out in droves for Snowdown, and that means big business for bounty hunters. Packing heat, and ready to take in marks dead or alive, this is one present you really don't want to unwrap.
  • Nidalee SnowBunnyCircle Snow Bunny Nidalee
    A fierce warrior who makes her home in the winter forest, Nidalee isn't content with simple Snowdown parties. She plays the role of Santa for cheery woodland creatures, driving off intruders and protecting her furry friends from harm.
  • Sona SilentNightCircle Silent Night Sona
    Drifting through the streets as she plays, Sona's beautiful melodies bring out the wonder of fresh snowfalls, quiet evenings by the fire, and time spent with family and friends. She can also weaponize these songs, raining destruction upon those who would spoil the holidays.


Time of Snowdown

Snowdown teaser

Snowdown Showdown Teaser for 2013

The Time of Snowdown is a Special Celebration of the Valoran people to commemorate the passing of one year to the next.

For countless years, the citizens of Valoran have celebrated the end of the calendar year in numerous ways. Even while the Rune Wars raged their fiercest, most people still reserved time to celebrate the passing of one year into the next. Each city-state observes this holiday– known as the Time of Snowdown – in its own unique way. The yordles of Bandle City prioritize merriment and indulgence, throwing week-long banquets and feasting on roasted meats and sweet liquors. Demacia observes the Time of Snowdown with a strong sense of reverence, hosting grand ceremonies which commemorate the past year's fallen heroes. Even the insidious Noxians honor the Snowdown with surprising gentility by offering clemency to select prisoners of non-violent crimes.

The people of Valoran venerate the Time of Snowdown with such devotion for reasons rooted in history of the world. Many parts of Runeterra have always suffered bitter, merciless winters; this is especially true on Valoran after the devastation wrought upon the world by the Rune Wars. Valoran's inhabitants have historically ceased their political squabbles to band against the greater threat of nature run amok. Countless tales of yore recount instances of sworn enemies easing their hostilities with one another in order to share in lavish feasts or to allow soldiers a chance to return home briefly. In modern times, the League of Legends continues the ancient traditions by adopting the holiday as a time of revelry – both to celebrate the peace that the League brings to Valoran and as a way of giving back to the city-states that granted the League its unique position of power in the world. League embassies in each city-state are made open to the public, and feature three week festivals to which all are welcome. The Institute of War holds an exclusive month-long celebration, and invites distinguished guests from all across the continent. Special runes are forged and awarded to exemplary summoners. Great celebratory scrimmages are held in the Fields of Justice, culminating in an epic battle royale amongst the League's most powerful summoners.

The League calls this celebration the Snowdown Showdown.

ARAM-ARAMA: The Roadtrip


  • These skins reprisent the traditional festive side of the Snowdown Showdown, having most the skins be Christmas-themed.
  • Snowdown Showdown event skins were also released alongside Sugar Rush and Toy Box themed skins, however these themes has since deviated from the Snowdown Showdown theme into their own separate thematics.
    • In 2019, all traditional Snowdown skins were replaced with Sugar Rush skins. This is due to the Pre-season Summoner's Rift Elements map changes, as well as the traditional Snowdown skins not being as popular as Riot Games hoped it would be. However, Legend of the Poro King returned as a seasonal Featured game mode.[1][2]


Snowdown 2017 - Login Screen

Snowdown 2017 - Login Screen

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A Snowdown Snowtale Snowdown 2016 Skins Trailer - League of Legends

A Snowdown Snowtale Snowdown 2016 Skins Trailer - League of Legends

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