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Snow Battle ARURF is a game mode inspired by the game mode Ultra Rapid Fire. It first occured on December 2017.


Champions available


If one the following Summoner icons is equipped, the in-game poro that follows your champion will have a custom skin, and Mark Ultra Mark will throw a poro (with the skin) instead of a snowball. Additionally, Mark Ultra Mark's and Dash Ultra Dash's icons will be changed to use Poro Toss Poro Toss' and INCOMING PORO! profileicon Poro Dash's respectively.


  • The in-game tooltip for Mark Ultra Mark and Dash Ultra Dash are a rewritten version of Mark Mark and Dash Dash.
    • Mark Ultra Mark: It is written that you throw a snowball "approximately 1 Really Far units away". Dashing to the tagged unit, deals damage and increases "your swagger by like a million percent". Additionally, it's written: "If you have Poros following you, you throw a Poro instead of a Snowball, because we're terrible people."
    • Dash Ultra Dash: "Ultra Dash to the unit by your snowball (or your Poro, you monster).", and also: "PUSH THIS BUTTON YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO".


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