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Pentakill Album Smite and Ignite

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Smite and Ignite

By Pentakill

The era of metal has begun.


Smite  Smite and Ignite  Ignite
Pentakill profileicon
The era of metal has begun
Pentakill was headbanging so hard during the marketing meeting that we couldn't get them to tell us how much to charge for the record.

The time has come.[1]


You have seen the true voice of metal fall quiet, surrounded by the massed harmonics of your weak whispers. But listen closely and you shall find the seed of truth: Sona OriginalSquare five Mordekaiser OriginalSquareKarthus OriginalSquareYorick OriginalSquareOlaf OriginalSquare four voices. Five harbingers of destruction, waiting patiently for their time to rise. And on that chosen day, these five shall change your world forever. Sonic brutality has never ascended such heights before. These voices have already slain DragonSquare Dragon and butchered Baron NashorSquare Baron. They have ravaged the Fields of Justice, burned World Rune profileicon Runeterra to the ground, and slaughtered millions of Little Devil Teemo profileicon Teemos. When they come, their breed of metal shall smite your plebeian souls and punish your frail bodies. You will cower at their visage and tremble at the name... Pentakill profileicon Pentakill.

And Pentakill is coming for you. Because you have sown and, now, you shall reap.

A prodigal guitarrist just minutes after his birth, Mordekaiser PentakillCircle Mordekaiser spent his formative years mastering the art of metal until he was so adept at shredding that his guitars would wither and combust under his furious fretwork. Desperate to find his instrumental equal, Mordekaiser traveled far and wide in search of a legendary guitar known only as Pentakill Mordekaiser profileicon 'Numero Uno'. Both made of metal and made for metal, Numero Uno was known as the indestructible axe, a tool Mordekaiser hoped would withstand his beastly playing. Finally, after years of searching, he found it buried deep within a Shurima profileicon Shuriman crypt. But as Mordekaiser grasped the instrument's neck for the first time, it too grasped him, filling him with murderous intent and driving his headbanging instincts harder and heavier than they'd ever been before. Mordekaiser emerged from the crypt a changed man an, as he returned to civilization, his antics took a turn for the violent. One fateful band practice, Numero Uno's power became too much - Mordekaiser turned berserk, murdering his bandmates, including their new up-and-coming singer: Karthus.

Karthus PentakillCircle Pentakill Karthus was not born but reborn. A promising metal vocalist in life, the demons of the Shadow Isles profileicon Shadow Isles saw purpose in Karthus and, after his murder at the hands of Mordekaiser, imbued him with undeath before steeping his Pentakill Karthus profileicon voice in the fury of countless lost souls. Karthus resumed singing, earning himself a fearsome reputation after eating a live PoroSquare Poro and gargling gravel during his Shadowstock debut. He set about establishing himself as the Shadow Isles' finest vocalist but soon grew tired with the lack of local instrumental talent. Remembering Mordekaiser's unmatched playing, Karthus sought passage back to Runeterra Map profileicon Valoran and enlisted the help of the only musician Karthus felt was his equal: the bass-playing ferryman: Yorick.

Yorick PentakillCircle Pentakill Yorick spent his early years on the Shadow Isles torturing ghouls and ghosts with his pounding Pentakill Yorick profileicon bass playing. But as the years passed by, the ghouls started to enjoy the head-rattling virtuoso's playing. Eventually, they formed Yorick's hardcore fanbase and followed him throughout the Shadow Isles, earning him the nickname 'Brown Note' thanks to their muddy coloration. After ferrying Karthus back to Valoran, Yorick decided to join him, create a '******* awesome' band, and unleashed their terrifying symphony on the unsuspecting living masses.

After arriving in Valoran and reuniting with Mordekaiser, the three headbangers scoured the lands, butchering all within ear's reach with their demonic tunes. But they met their match in Sona, who, through years of silence, had attuned her hearing to withstand all manner of metal. Impressed with both her resilience and her ability to tear up her Pentakill Sona profileicon keys while in covered in blood, the three offered Sona a place in their band and, thus, Sona PentakillCircle Pentakill Sona was born. With her in the band, the group's destruction amped up significantly and, soon, only the frozen northlands harbored humanity's last stand. The monolithic colossus that is Pentakill was almost complete...

Continuing their massacre, the demonic quartet finally reached the frozen wastes of the Freljord profileicon Freljord. Tribe after tribe fell, the Howling Abyss icon Howling Abyss howled for mercy, and villages were set ablaze until the whole world was ready to burn. Looking for a celebratory drink, the four entered Runeterra's last standing bar and found it empty, save for one man. Olaf PentakillCircle Olaf was not in a sober state and challenged 'the biggest of yous *****' to an arm wrestle. Yorick stepped up and the duel began: legend states that the two were locked in arm-on-arm combat for days, sustaining themselves with whiskey and peanuts. Finally, Karthus, bored of the deadlock, offered Olaf a place in the band. "I'm only good at hitting ****", said Olaf.

"Perfect", rasped Karthus. "You shall be our Pentakill Olaf profileicon drummer."


Lightbringer item  Lightbringer  Lightbringer item
Pentakill - Lightbringer - Smite and Ignite

Pentakill - Lightbringer - Smite and Ignite

Fellow armsmen, I ask you:
will you follow me tonight to break their spine
and reclaim what once was mine?

Those cravens
backstabbed me, deceived me:
never shall I tolerate their crimes again.
Now, let the hunt begin.

Seven thousand souls
scared and daunted, such tale of woe.
Not too long ago,
this village was a golden scene of hope.

Call down the reckoning
to bring back hope and peace.
Restore our gloria
to live forever.

Bring down the dark regime.
I know how to unleash eternal power,
lead us to order:
I am Lightbringer item the Lightbringer!

Fellow warriors, I ask you:
should my campaign come to an end?
There's way more to avenge.

Fifteen million souls
living in this realm without much hope.
Not too long ago,
this kingdom was a golden state of hope.

04:56 27-May-2014

Deathfire Grasp item  Deathfire Grasp  Deathfire Grasp item
Pentakill - Deathfire Grasp - Smite and Ignite

Pentakill - Deathfire Grasp - Smite and Ignite

Fighting shadows
in their Haunting Guise item Haunting Guise,
Smite smiting the wicked Baron NashorSquare baron,
and unleash my Hand of Baron buff might.

When we face our final hour
in the darkest Summoner's Rift icon rift,
come whatever may,
I'll be the death of you.

After Channeling icon channeling my Requiem power,
your end will be swift.
Now, there's nothing in my way:
you'll feel my Deathfire Grasp item Deathfire Grasp!

Clashing Minion icon minions,
ravaged fields of war
manifest my Dominated Dominion profileicon dominion:
total chaos restored.

04:00 29-May-2014

Ohmwrecker item  Ohmwrecker  Ohmwrecker item
Pentakill - Ohmwrecker - Smite and Ignite

Pentakill - Ohmwrecker - Smite and Ignite

\m/  Instrumental  \m/

05:18 29-May-2014

Last Whisper item  Last Whisper  Last Whisper item
Pentakill - Last Whisper - Smite and Ignite

Pentakill - Last Whisper - Smite and Ignite

No matter how they fight today,
no matter how much Honor For All profileicon honor they display,
we'll dominate.

Summoner spell icon Spells of war,
will my call,
help me take them down.

They'll hear my deadly Last Whisper item Last Whisper
right before they die.
This melody seeks a new victim:
let it Armor penetration icon penetrate their mind.

I will Revive revive:
one more life
to Ignite ignite them all.

And their Barrier barriers will crumble under all of my force.
they'll fall:
let's make them crawl.

And when we finally meet their king,
there will be no Ghost ghost for him:
we shall end it all.

03:37 02-Jun-2014

Prototype Hex Core item  The Hex Core  Prototype Hex Core item
Pentakill - The Hex Core - Smite and Ignite

Pentakill - The Hex Core - Smite and Ignite

\m/  Instrumental  \m/

04:33 02-Jun-2014

Pentakill profileicon  The Prophecy  Pentakill profileicon
Pentakill - The Prophecy - Smite and Ignite

Pentakill - The Prophecy - Smite and Ignite

The era of metal has begun
and metal shall prevail,
for we know what they have done:

Mordekaiser OriginalSquareKarthus OriginalSquareYorick OriginalSquareSona OriginalSquareOlaf OriginalSquare Five legends of our realm, who sought to follow the path of their dark musings,
but they did not know what they had summoned:
Pentakill Mordekaiser profileiconPentakill Karthus profileiconPentakill Yorick profileiconPentakill Sona profileiconPentakill Olaf profileicon Pentakill.

To these creatures,
there is but one thing left to do:
Mordekaiser PentakillCircleKarthus PentakillCircleYorick PentakillCircleSona PentakillCircleOlaf PentakillCircle Heavy Metal.

00:47 02-Jun-2014

Thornmail item  Thornmail  Thornmail item
Pentakill - Thornmail - Smite and Ignite

Pentakill - Thornmail - Smite and Ignite

My king, my king,
how was I supposed to know
everyone will falter when you die?

And, as we speak,
the army of our enemy
is approaching our gates: we cannot fly.

Behold, my son: there's a way to save you all.
Don't you despair,
don't be petrified.

There is an armor:
ancient magic made it strong
and you shall wear it when you face the fight.

This harness will guide us through dangerous night:
it humbles the foe
with its grace.

The Thornmail item thornmail will help us prevail and survive:
our deadliest fate
we embrace.

Well done, my son,
it's the way to save you all,
but don't you think the realm's been purified?

Creatures of darkness are still longing for your fall.
Keep them in thrall:
it's time to Smite smite and Ignite ignite.

My king, my king,
how was I supposed to know
everyone will falter when you die?

My son, smite them all!

03:43 02-Jun-2014

Orb of Winter item  Orb of Winter  Orb of Winter item
Pentakill - Orb of Winter - Smite and Ignite

Pentakill - Orb of Winter - Smite and Ignite

\m/  Instrumental  \m/

03:31 02-Jun-2014

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Adam Michalak
recording engineer on Orb of Winter item Orb of Winter
Alex 'Scherzophrenia' Temple
mixing on Orb of Winter item Orb of Winter
Christian 'Praeco' Linke
Pentakill Mordekaiser profileicon guitar, mixing, programming, producer
Dan Negovan
additional programming, arrangement on Orb of Winter item Orb of Winter
Danny 'LADecay' Kim
drum recording producer
Danny Lohner
producer and mixing on Prototype Hex Core item The Hex Core
Derek Sherinian
Pentakill Sona profileicon keyboards, synthesizers
Eugene 'kyugene' Kang
Pentakill Yorick profileicon bass
Frank Rosato
drum recording engineer
Gregg Bissonette
Pentakill Olaf profileicon drums
Hollywood Scoring Orchestra on Orb of Winter item Orb of Winter
Jason 'chupacobbler' Willey aka ProtoShredanoid
Pentakill Mordekaiser profileicon lead guitar
Jørn Lande
Pentakill Karthus profileicon vocals on Lightbringer item Lightbringer and Thornmail item Thornmail
Kyle 'anvilanche' Leary
epic voice of doom on Pentakill profileicon The Prophecy
Lisa 'Saiyaka' Thorn
vocals on Orb of Winter item Orb of Winter
Noah Gladstone
contractor on Orb of Winter item Orb of Winter
Oliver 'Otown' Chipping
whispers of death on Last Whisper item Last Whisper
Sebastien 'Chemicalseb' Najand
ZP Theart
Pentakill Karthus profileicon vocals on Deathfire Grasp item Deathfire Grasp and Last Whisper item Last Whisper
All music and lyrics written by Riot Games
Engineered, produced, and mixed at Riot Games in Santa Monica, CA
Mastered by Troy Glessner
Special thanks and fist-bumps to all the metalheads in the League of Legends community!


Yorick PentakillCircle Pentakill profileicon Pentakillers![3]

I'm afraid we've got some bad news: our lawyers just informed us that Karthus has received a drunken disorderly following our last 18 concerts, which is news to us because we just found out that's an actual crime. Unfortunately, this Demacia profileicon Demacian judge is a real hardass and the only plea deal he's offering requires us to assign Karthus a 'sober companion' to keep him from relapsing. We tried to explain that anybody who gets between Karthus and the keg usually winds up dead but he keeps insisting. Besides, sending Karthus to jail would mean canceling the tour and we're already in the hole since Olaf burned down that hotel in Piltover profileicon Piltover because the concierge insulted his hat.

I guess we'll have to interview some candidates. But first, pass me that bottle of Jarvan IV OriginalCircle Jarvan Walker. I haven't had breakfast yet and there's no way I can make a decision like this on an empty stomach.

  • I think Kennen KennenM.D.Circle you're over-qualified for this position. We appreciate your interest but you may find this particular patient's vitals difficult to monitor. You know... because he's dead.
  • It's cool that Tryndamere KingCircle you want to roll out the red carpet but I think Karthus might have some trouble fitting in with your entourage. Besides, we've crossed some lines before but I'm not sure the label's thrilled by the idea of putting up a legal defense for regicide.
  • Sorry, this band has to take a stand against piracy and I just wouldn't feel right employing Swain BilgewaterCircle somebody who's part of the problem - even if the job's likely to lead to a grisly death. Try buying a record next time.
  • What the hell are Nautilus OriginalSquare you thinking, showing up here? You can't be a sober companion - you drink like a fish! Look us up when you're back on the wagon.
  • The last time we asked Corki OriginalSquare you to keep an eye on Karthus, he convinced you to let him drive the gyrocopter. The cops said that his blood alcohol levels were at nearly 100%. Sorry but that's just bad judgment.
  • Look, did Swain OriginalSquare you think I'd change my mind just because you switched Set piece skins? You downloaded the last ten albums off Serpent Crest profileicon Bilgewater Bay; you're not getting a job with the band!

We'll have to hire one of these poor saps to keep Karthus off the sauce. That's not going to end well for anybody or the sentencing hearing.

Karthus PentakillCircle I can't believe you $#*ing guys are going make me quit drinking. I mean, what would I do without booze, huh? You can't really expect me to do this sober!
Mordekaiser PentakillCircle Karthus, you really have to see how you've contributed here. It isn't our fault you can't hold your liquor - you haven't got a stomach. Besides, you were going strong until you took those six hits off Sona's Oracle's Elixir item Oracle's Elixir. I could understand if you were the Support icon support but that's just irresponsible. Tell him, Sona.
Sona PentakillCircle ...
Pentakill Karthus profileicon Hey @#$& you, you ^$*ing #$*@s! I !$#^ing carry this %&^*ing band! Who the *&%$ing @!#$ do you &%#$s think you are, making me get clean? @#%^ing %^&# this $%#@, I'm going to @%^$ing kill whoever you @#^$ing hire and then drink vast quantities of mead. @#%#!
Olaf PentakillCircle Well, I don't think anybody's going to top that.

Um... our new record, Sejuani OriginalSquare 'Death Rides a Pale Boar' Bristle OriginalSquare, is in stores now. And don't steal it because, you know... we'll kill Swain BilgewaterCircle you.



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