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"It is just as the spies described."

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Smeech (Universe)Smeech (Universe)

"The Scrap Hackers provide body augments to anyone willing to pay the price, both physically and monetarily. From genome hacking to mech-exoskeleton construction, we make the impossible possible. Whether you’re in the market for purely cosmetic enhancements or modifications to augment strength, speed and agility - we have the technology to make your bio-dreams a reality."
Smeech's Smeech's The Scrap Hackers advertisement, Enter The Undercity

Smeech is a Yordle chem-baron and the boss of the The Scrap Hackers Crest icon.png Scrap Hackers.


Early Life

After Silco Silco took control of Zaun Crest icon.png Zaun, Smeech made a name for himself as the boss of the Scrap Hackers, an illicit enterprise that specialized in cybernetic modification, and became affiliated with several other crime lords who were also loyal to Silco, creating the first generation of chem-barons. At some point during his time, he also had mechanical limbs attached to his hands and feet to make himself as tall as a normal human.[1]

Route to Robbery

"S S ain't Smeech. That yordle's just a lieutenant. We wouldn't let 'em govern us like you do up here."
— "NMA" talking about Smeech Smeech, Council Archives: The Grand Conspiracy

Smeech once had a problem with someone from the Lanes who was unable to pay back his debt to him. Smeech sent him a signed note and a warning to not go to his compatriots and made a joke about the man's amputated leg. He then had his henchman break into the man's warehouse to go through the man's things and presumably steal what was believed by the investigators to be a stash of medical equipment. Because the target confronted his docile but strong lackey, the man was killed, with part of the encounter seen by a witness, and became the subject of a homicide investigation.

Because of Silco having the Sheriff Sheriff in his pocket, and because of the witness' fear of repurcussion from the chem-barons, the investigation became an unsolved, cold case. Another enforcer, Caitlyn Kiramman Caitlyn Kiramman, found the records of this and kept it as part of an ongoing investigation on the underground's then unknown ruler the underground's then unknown ruler and his mole mole in Piltover. Caitlyn momentarily believed that the ringleader "S" was smeech before one of their interviewees made it clear that he wasn't, discriminating against Smeech for being a yordle.[2]

Border Crisis

After the actions of Jinx Jinx, Silco's adoptive daughter, led Jayce Jayce to shut down the border between Zaun and Piltover Crest icon.png Piltover, trade between the two cities came to a sudden halt, causing Smeech' criminal ventures to lose massive profits. Frustrated by the fact that Silco was doing nothing to keep Jinx under control, Smeech and the other chem-barons scheduled an assembly to discuss their next move, in which Finn Finn attempted to convince him to join him in a coup against Silco. However, before he could give him an answer, Silco arrived on the scene and unleashed a toxic gas in the air to remind the barons of the oppressive life that he had saved them from, which was enough to convince Smeech to fall back in line.[1]





Arcane Show Appearances

Season One appearances: 1/9
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Arcane (TV Series)

Every legend has a beginning.

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Short Story

Council Archives

By Ty Sheedlo

The Council Archives. You'd heard stories at the Academy, of course, but words could not describe the breathtaking magnitude of its contents. The entire history of your city: its glorious achievements, its sinister secrets, painstakingly documented, waiting to be read.


  • Smeech's's leadership over the Scrap Hackers was first revealed in the Enter the Undercity live event, which was tied to the larger Undercity Nights event.[3][4]


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