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Slow immune icon.png Slow resist (or Slow resistance) is an unofficial champion statistic that reduces the strength of percentage Slow icon.png slows. It Multiple stacking icon.png stacks multiplicatively and can be obtained from champion abilities, items, and runes. It applies to already active slows and affects percentage self-slows (e.g. Defensive Ball Curl Defensive Ball Curl, Overdrive Overdrive, Piercing Arrow Piercing Arrow).

It should not be confused with Tenacity icon.png tenacity, which only affects the duration of slows.

Increasing Slow Resist


Champion abilities


Neutral buffs

Slow Immunity

Slow immune 2.png Slow immunity is different from 100% slow resist as it prevents Slow icon.png slows from being applied in the first place. It prevents the slow from Drowsy icon.png drowsy but does not prevent Sleep icon.png sleep.

Note that if the slow has a cripple within the same status effect, such as Wither Wither, Gangplank Remove Scurvy.png cleanses that remove slows will also remove the accompanying cripple.

Champion abilities


Cripple Immunity

Cripple immune.png Cripple immunity prevents Cripple icon.png cripples from being applied.

Champion abilities



These formulas can calculate how much slow resist you have, based on your movement speed and on the slow applied to you.

Formula 1

Formula 2

Formula 3

Formula 4


  • Slow Resist is the amount of slow resist you currently have.
  • Final MS is your movement speed after being slowed, already considering your slow resist.
  • BaseMS is your base movement speed.
  • BonusMS is the sum of all additive flat movement speed bonuses.
  • MS Multiplier is the sum of all additive percent movement speed bonuses.
  • Slow is the strongest slow currently applied on your champion.
  • Slow Resist, MS Multiplier, and Slow are percentages (e.g. 50% is 0.5 in the formula).


  • Slow resist does not affect abilities that reduce the target's movement speed by / to a flat amount (e.g. Jack in the Box Jack in the Box, Shield of Durand Shield of Durand, Whimsy Whimsy).
  • Rift Scuttler Rift Scuttler gains 100% slow resist while not fleeing.
  • A champion with Boots of Swiftness Boots of Swiftness, a movement speed of 400 and who is affected by a 40% Slow icon.png slow will have a movement speed of 400 × (1 − (0.4 × 0.75)) = 280, which is equal to a 30% slow without slow resist.

Last updated: May 15, 2020, patch V10.10

Relevant mathematics
1 - ((1 - 0.4 0.4) × (1 - 0.25 0.25) × (1 - 0.75 0.75) × (1 - 0.2 0.2) × (1 - 0.15 0.15)) = 92.35%

Patch History

  • Now stacks multiplicatively instead of additively. Can no longer go above 100% slow resist, thus increasing movement speed with slows.
V1.0.0.145 added