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Skirmisher's Sabre is an advanced item in League of Legends icon League of Legends. It is exclusive to Summoner's Rift.


Skirmisher's Sabre item
Skirmisher's Sabre
Gold 1000 (Gold 300)

Cost Analysis

Gold Value

Gold Efficiency*

  • Skirmisher's Sabre item Skirmisher's Sabre is 0% gold efficient when not in the jungle or river, but up to 240% gold efficient while in the jungle or river. It is also 137.5% against monsters, without its passives.

Available Enchantments

Bloodrazor item
Gold 1625 (Gold 625)
Recurve Bow item
Gold 1000 (Gold 400)
Dagger item
Gold 300
Dagger item
Gold 300
Juggernaut item
Gold 1500 (Gold 600)
Bami's Cinder item
Gold 900 (Gold 500)
Magus item
Gold 1500 (Gold 250)
Fiendish Codex item
Gold 900 (Gold 465)
Warrior item
Gold 1625 (Gold 525)


Similar Items


  • Skirmisher's Sabre item Skirmisher's Sabre's Challenging Smite Challenging Smite deals 18 (based on level) true damage over 3 seconds if the target is basic attacked once and can deal up to 18 (based on level) true damage if the target is basic attacked multiple times during the duration.

Patch history

  • Removed: Basic attacks against monsters granting 15% bonus attack speed for 2 seconds.
  • On-hit physical damage increased to 40 from 30.
  • Removed: +225% base mana regeneration while in the jungle.
  • New Effect: While in the jungle or river, regenerate 9 (based on missing mana) mana per second.
  • New Effect: The first large monster killed grants +120 bonus experience.
  • Now limited to (1 Jungle or Gold Income item) from (1 Jungle item).
  • Tooth
    • Damage over time increased to 80 from 30.
    • Health restored over time remains 30.
  • Nail
    • Bonus damage increased to 30 from 25.
    • New Effect: Now grants 15% bonus attack speed for 2 seconds.
  • Special Bonus Experience
    • Removed: Bonus experience from lesser and medium sized monsters.
    • Bonus experience per level difference increased to 50 from 30.
  • Base mana regeneration while in jungle increased to 225% from 180%.
  • On-hit physical damage against monsters increased to 25 from 20.
  • Bonus experience upon killing large monsters increased to 50 from 30.
  • New Effect: +30 bonus experience on monster kill for each level higher the monster is than you.
  • Mana regeneration increased to 180% from 150%.
  • Total cost reduced to Gold 1000 from Gold 1050.
    • Combine cost reduced to Gold 300 from Gold 350.
  • reworked:
    • New Recipe: Hunter's Machete item Hunter's Machete + Hunter's Talisman item Hunter's Talisman + Gold 350 = Gold 1050
    • Grants +10% life steal versus monsters and +150% mana regeneration while in the Jungle.
    • Grants Unique Passive - Tooth and Nail: Basic attacks versus monsters deal 20 bonus physical damage and damaging a monster through any means applies Health Drain, which deals 30 magic damage over 5 seconds while restoring as much as health. Killing large monsters grants 30 bonus experience.
    • Grants Challenging Smite Challenging Smite.
    • Limitation: Limited to 1 Jungle item.
  • Smite debuff duration reduced to 4 seconds from 6.
  • Combine cost increased to Gold 450 from Gold 350.
  • All enchantments' cost reduced by Gold 100.
  • Gold on large monster kills increased to Gold 30 from Gold 20.
  • New Effect: Now grants Gold 20 bonus on large monster kills.
  • Challenging Smite's on-hit true damage is changed to Template:Pp18 damage over 3 seconds from Template:Pp18 true damage per hit, duration refreshing on subsequent hits.
V4.20 Added
  • Recipe: Hunter's Machete item Hunter's Machete + Gold 350 = Gold 750
  • Passive - Challenging Smite: Upgrade Smite Smite to Challenging Smite Challenging Smite. Challenging Smite Challenging Smite can target enemy champions, marking them for 6 seconds. Marked enemies are revealed, take Template:Pp18 on-hit bonus true damage from you and deal 20% reduced damage to you.
  • Passive - Jungler: Basic attacks against monsters deal 45 bonus magic damage over 2 seconds. While in combat with monsters, you will restore 10 health and 5 mana every second.
  • Limited to 1 Jungle item.
  • Can be enchanted with Devourer item Devourer, Juggernaut item Juggernaut, Magus item Magus, or Warrior item Warrior.

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