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Skirmisher's Sabre (Runeglaive) item.png|Runeglaive
Skirmisher's Sabre (Runeglaive) item.png|Runeglaive
Skirmisher's Sabre (Cinderhulk) item.png|Cinderhulk
Skirmisher's Sabre (Cinderhulk) item.png|Cinderhulk
Skirmisher's Saber (Warrior) item.png|Warrior
Skirmisher's Sabre (Warrior) item.png|Warrior

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Skirmisher's Sabre is an advanced item in League of Legends.


Skirmisher&#039;s Sabre item
Skirmisher's Sabre
Gold 850 (Gold 450)

Table of true damage dealt

Available Enchantments

Bloodrazor item
Gold 1625 (Gold 625)
Recurve Bow item
Gold 1000 (Gold 400)
Dagger item
Gold 300
Dagger item
Gold 300
Juggernaut item
Gold 1500 (Gold 600)
Bami&#039;s Cinder item
Gold 900 (Gold 500)
Magus item
Gold 1500 (Gold 250)
Fiendish Codex item
Gold 900 (Gold 465)
Warrior item
Gold 1625 (Gold 525)


Similar Items


Patch history


  • Smite debuff duration reduced to 4 seconds from 6.


  • Recipe cost increased to 450 from 350.
  • All Enchantment's cost decreased by 100.


  • Gold on large monster kills increased to 30 from 20.


  • Now grants 20 bonus gold on large monster kills.
  • Challenging Smite's on-hit true damage is changed to 60-162 damage over 3 seconds from 17-51 true damage per hit, duration refreshing on subsequent hits.


  • Added.

List of Items

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