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Size of a unit (champions, minions, monsters, pets and player-generated terrain) refers to their Gameplay Radius, also commonly known as hitbox radius.

For other types of unit radii, see: Unit radius

It plays a role for spells that calculate their range based on the target's Range model edge of their gameplay radius. In particular targeted Range model edge-to-edge spells add both their caster's and their target's gameplay radius to their range. Most notably, Basic Attack basic attacks are Range model edge-to-edge spells.

Projectile Projectiles (Missiles) have no gameplay radius, instead their hitbox depends on a width value.

Lists of Unit Sizes (Total Values)

Champion icon Champions

All Champion radiuses, when not modified by Promote status effects, range from 55 to 80 units.

Gameplay RadiusChampion
  • Malphite OriginalSquare Malphite (with only base armor at level 18) note
  • Malphite OriginalSquare Malphite (with only base armor at level 1) note
  • Zac OriginalSquare Zac (at 0% health) note

  • Command Hallucinate Clones have the same radius as their champion counterpart (do no clones copy size modifiers os only Illaoi E?)
  • Target dummies have a base gameplay radius of 65, like most champions. Their size can be up-to doubled (130), relevant for testing purposes, with a Practice Tool Add 100 Max HP Command available in Practice Tool (See below).
  • PENDING FOR TEST Does Lulu OriginalSquare Lulu's Silence icon polymorph change the target's radius to 50 for the duration?

Minion icon Minions

Monster icon Monsters

Summon- Tibbers Pets

Command Hallucinate Clones have the same unit radii as the champion they're copying.

Below: Pet unti radii based on data values. All of these are pending for in-game confirmation, where applicable.

Targetable Pets and Traps

  • Aphelios Sentry: 20
  • Corki Package: 45 (same as pathfinding radius)
  • Elise Spiderling: 1 (also pathfinding radius)
  • Gangplank Powder Keg: 0 (also pathfinding radius)
  • Heimerdinger small turret and Apex turret: 35
  • Illaoi tentacle: 35 (same as pathfinding radius)
  • Jhin Trap: 125
  • Kalista Sentry: 10 (same as pathfinding radius)
  • Kalista Dark Spear on the ground: 20 (same as pathfinding radius)
  • Malzahar Voidling: 10
  • Nidalee Trap: 50
  • Rek'Sai Tunnel Entrance: 0 (same as pathfinding radius)
  • Senna Mistwalker: 0 (same as pathfinding collision)
  • Shaco Box: 50
  • Teemo Mushroom Trap: 125
  • Thresh Lantern: 45 (same as pathfinding radius)
  • Yorick Ghoul: 1
  • Yorick Maiden: 20
  • Yorick Ghoul Wall: ?
  • Zac Respawn Bloblet: 54.4 (same as pathfinding radius)
  • Zyra Thresher and Spitter Plants: 20

Untargetable Pets

Other than for basic attacks of their own (if they have the ability), their size doesn't matter. Neither does pathfinding radius, as untargetability is like ghosting (pending for confirmation).

  • Azir Sand Soldier: 0 (also pathfinding radius)
  • Bard Meep: 50
  • Jarvan Standard: 13.6 (also pathfinding radius)
  • Kindred Wolf: 0 (also pathfinding radius)
  • Kindred Camp Mark: 1 (also pathfinding radius)
  • Skaarl: 80 (when running off to the nearest brush)
  • Lissandra Ice Thrall: 1
  • Maokai Sproutling: 48
  • Nunu Snowball: 48
  • Olaf Axe: 50
  • Orianna Ball: 48
  • Ornn Ram: 1 (same as pathfinding radius)
  • Shen Spirit Sword: 1 (same as pathfinding radius)
  • Skarner Spire: 1 (same as pathfinding radius)
  • Syndra Sphere: 48
  • Viktor Chaos Strorm: 48
  • Zoe Spell drop: 0 (same as pathfinding radius)
  • Zac's Goo: ?
  • Zyra Seed: 54.4 (same as pathfinding radius)

Player-generated terrain

(these units are ghosting-proof)

Todo: check if Vayne, Poppy, Sion interact with pathfinding or gameplay collision radius of player-made terrain

  • Anivia Ice Wall segment: 100 (same as pathfinding radius)
  • Azir Emperor's Divide Soldier: 125 (also pathfinding radius)
  • Jarvan Cataclysm wall segment: 95 (also pathfinding radius)
  • Taliyah Weaver's Wall chunk: 150 (also pathfinding radius)
  • Trundle Pillar of Ice: 150 (same as pathfinding radius)
  • Yorick Ghoul Wall: ?



Nexus Blitz icon Temple of Lily and Lotus (Nexus Blitz)

  • Nexus unit: 250
    • When walking, during Sudden Death: 200
  • Loot Teemo: 55
  • Loot Veigar: 55 (increased to 82.5 by an innate buff)

Poro King 2016 profileicon Legend of the Poro King

Removed Content

Size Modifiers

All current size modifiers are percentage increases/decreases of the units flat base value and Additive stacking icon stack additively.

They scale the unit's gameplay radius, model size and Selection Box.
Model size and Selection Box have a cap, while gameplay radius does not (pending for confirmation).

Neeko OriginalSquare Neeko copys her ally's current size modifiers (only for model size? how does her gameplay radius interact? (PENDING FOR TEST)) and overrides her own (pending for confirmation) when using Inherent Glamour Inherent Glamour.



Thus far, Malphite OriginalSquare Malphite and Zac OriginalSquare Zac are the only champions with the innate quality of constantly modifying their size.

  • Their maximum size is increased by their Armor icon current armor and bonus Health icon bonus health​, respectively (up-to +35% for both).
  • For Zac OriginalSquare Zac, his current size additionally fluctuates based on his current health percentage (-30% at 0% health, regardless of his increase from bonus health).

Size Increase

Size Reduction


While the following items do not explicitly increase the champion's attack range, they do increase the champion's size - allowing them to reach targets further away from their current location:



Largest size currently reachable (Last updated V10.15) (Todo)

  • Cho'Gath (80 radius) with
    • Feast (+100%)
    • Hugify Lulu (+40%)
    • Elixir of Iron (+15%)
    • Empowered Gargoyle Stoneplate (+25%)
    • Sterak's Gage (+25%)
    • Maw of Malmortius (+10%)

For a total of 315% base size = 252 unit radius.

This size is pending for confirmation, in case some soft cap/hard cap exists.


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