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For other types of unit radii, see: Unit radius

Size of a unit (Champion icon.png champions, Minion icon.png minions, Monster icon.png monsters, Annie Summon- Tibbers.png pets and player-generated terrain) refers to their Gameplay radius.png Gameplay Radius (also commonly known as hitbox radius), rendered Model Scale and Selection Box size combined. Size modifiers always change their values simultaneously. Of these, Gameplay Radius is the most relevant for gameplay.

Size plays a role for spells that calculate their range based on Range model.png edge of the target's gameplay radius. In particular, targeted Range model.png edge-to-edge spells add both their caster's and their target's gameplay radius to their range. Most notably, Basic Attack.png basic attacks are Range model.png edge-to-edge spells.

Projectile.png Projectiles (Missiles) have no gameplay radius, instead their hitbox depends on a width value.

A unit's Pathing radius.png pathfinding radius is not directly related to their size and not modified by size modifiers.

Lists of Unit Sizes (Total Values)

Champion icon.png Champions

This list contains the radius for each and every champion when not modified by buffs or debuffs (excluding the ones with additional notes). Ranges from 55 to 80 units.

Gameplay RadiusChampion
  • Malphite Malphite (with only base armor at level 18) note
  • Malphite Malphite (with only base armor at level 1) note
  • Zac Zac (at 0% health) note
  • Shaco Command- Hallucinate.png Clones have the same radius as their champion counterpart and will copy size modifiers (with the exception of Spirits Spirits pulled by Illaoi Illaoi).
  • Target dummies have a base gameplay radius of 65, like most champions. Their size can be up-to doubled (130), relevant for testing purposes, with a Practice Tool Add 100 Max HP.png Command available in Practice Tool.

Minion icon.png Minions

Monster icon.png Monsters

Annie Summon- Tibbers.png Pets

Shaco Command- Hallucinate.png Clones have the same unit radii as the champion they're copying.

The lists below show the unit radii of each pet based on data values. All of these are pending for in-game confirmation, where applicable.

Targetable Pets and Traps
Untargetable Pets

Aside from their basic attacks (if they have the ability to), their size doesn't matter, and neither does their pathfinding radius.

Player-generated terrain

Note that these units are immune to Ghost.png ghosting effects.

ππ„ππƒπˆππ† π…πŽπ‘ 𝐓𝐄𝐒𝐓 : Poppy's Poppy's Heroic Charge Heroic Charge, Vayne's Vayne's Condemn Condemn, and Sion's Sion's Unstoppable Onslaught Unstoppable Onslaught interactions with pathfinding or gameplay collision radius of player-made terrain.


Nexus Blitz icon.png Temple of Lily and Lotus (Nexus Blitz icon.png Nexus Blitz)
  • Jungle Guardian: 100 (same as Daisy Daisy)
  • Nexus Unit: 250
    • During Sudden Death: 200
  • Loot Teemo: 55
  • Loot Veigar: 55 (increased to 82.5 by an innate buff)
Poro King 2016 profileicon.png Legend of the Poro King
Removed Content

Size Modifiers

All current size modifiers are percentage increases/decreases of the unit's flat base value and Additive stacking icon.png stack additively.

They scale the unit's gameplay radius, model scale and Selection Box.

ππ„ππƒπˆππ† π…πŽπ‘ 𝐓𝐄𝐒𝐓 : Model scale and Selection Box have a cap. Gameplay radius does not/does have a cap.



Thus far, Malphite Malphite and Zac Zac are the only champions with the innate quality of constantly modifying their size.

  • Their maximum size is increased by their Armor icon.png current armor and Health icon.png bonus health​, respectively (up-to +35% for both).
  • For Zac Zac, his current size additionally fluctuates based on his current health percentage (-30% at 0% health, regardless of his increase from bonus health).
Size Increase
Size Reduction
Size Conversion
  • Kayn's Kayn's Umbral Trespass Umbral Trespass overrides his size modifiers with the target's for the duration (Kayn however cannot attack and is Fizz Playful.png untargetable).
  • Neeko's Neeko's Inherent Glamour Inherent Glamour copies both her ally's base size and current size modifiers. While disguised, any of her own size modifiers are ignored.


While the following items do not explicitly increase the champion's attack range, they do increase the champion's size - allowing them to reach targets further away from their current location:


Scaling with size

  • Tahm Kench's Tahm Kench's Tongue Lash's Tongue Lash's missile range and speed scale according to his bonus size.
    • Negative size modifiers can reduce it, but not below its base range and speed.


Last updated: V10.24

For a total of 310% base size = 248

unit radius.

This size may or may not correlate in-game as a soft cap or hard cap may exist.