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Sixmorevodka is a German studio that has created Splash, Promo and Icon Artwork for Riot Games Inc.


SIXMOREVODKA, commonly abbreviated to SMV, is a premier design studio located in Berlin. With a decade of service under their belts to become a leading purveyor for concept art and illustration for some of the biggest franchises in entertainment, including video games, movies, comics, and editorials.

In 2014 they have entered an ongoing exclusive partnership with Riot Games Inc., providing a vast array of art services and consulting in all areas of game development ever since.

They love the colors Black and Gold, enjoy storytelling, characters, and iconic imagery, and believe that working as a team makes the individual artist better.


Cho'Gath PrehistoricSkin

Work example.

Cho'Gath OriginalSkin

Work example.

Syndra QueenofDiamondsSkin

Work example.

Splash Art


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