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A brutal warlord from a bygone era, Sion was revered in Noxus Crest icon Noxus for choking the life out of a Demacian king with his bare hands—but, denied the peace of death, he was resurrected to serve his empire once more. His indiscriminate slaughter claims all who stand in his way, regardless of allegiance, proving he has retained little of his former humanity. With crude armor bolted onto his rotten flesh, Sion continues to charge into battle with reckless abandon, struggling to remember his true self between the swings of his mighty axe.

SionSquare"War is eternal... as am I."  Sion
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In life, Sion was the last of a proud warrior culture that defined early Noxus Crest icon Noxus. He made his name as the 04NX017-full Hand of Noxus, an unstoppable general in the campaign for the empire's outward expansion. Finally, he met his end in a battle with King Jarvan I of Demacia Crest icon Demacia, with both men killing each other.

Half a century later, Sion was reanimated by hemomancers of the Solid Rose Clasic Faction Colors Black Rose. Dark magic empowered his body but clouded his mind, turning him into an unstoppable killing machine, feared all the more by the enemies of Noxus. Now, he remains locked away in the tomb beneath a statue of himself, always ready to be deployed when the Grand General sees fit.


Sion was already a brutishly large man in life, but in undeath, he is a towering behemoth. His scarred, gray, hairless skin is held together with dark metal plates. He has glowing red eyes and a similarly glowing furnace of dark magic in his gut. The crown of Jarvan I serves as his jaw, and a dagger protruding from the back of his skull resembles a pony tail, with a long, red ribbon flowing from the hilt.

Sion wears heavy metal plates and tattered leather armor. He has one pauldron and one gauntlet on his left side, an enormous metal belt with brown pants leading to a metal boot on the right foot and a metal peg leg on the left.

He carries a massive two-handed ax, dull and worn.


In life, Sion was a feared warrior, known not for strategic wit but for ruthless effectiveness. Always pressing forward, he swore oaths to his ancestors to never take a backwards step in battle.

After his reanimation, Sion became a creature of pure rage and bloodlust. His mind broken, he remembers only fragments of his past life. Now, all knows is that he is a vessel of death and destruction, showing no discernment between friend and foe.


  • Superhuman Strength: Sion has extraordinary strength, being able to take down entire platoons of soldiers just by advancing and with his powerful attack, he is capable of easily collapsing walls and entire buildings in his path.
  • Superhuman Durability: Even before becoming a Revenant, Sion has extraordinary durability where in his war against Noxus he alone faced an entire Demacia platoon suffering multiple injuries and still managed to fight against Jarvan I in a final confrontation that resulted in the death of both.
  • Revenant Physiology: After being resurrected with Hemomancy, Sion became undead, acquiring new magical abilities implanted in his body in the transformation process.
    • Body Armor: Sion's body was coated with armor attachments attached to his poor flesh that serve to support his body and protect him from enemy attacks.
    • Soul Furnace: In Sion's belly was attached a magical furnace that absorbs the souls of dead enemies which feeds it and strengthens him.
    • Resurrection: Whenever Sound is killed in battle he can be revived by hemomancer mages to rise again and continue the fight as if nothing had happened.


Solid Rose Clasic Faction Colors Black Rose[]

In life, Sion was the 04NX017-full Hand of Noxus. Sion was resurrected at the order of the Solid Rose Clasic Faction Colors Black Rose, likely by LeBlanc LeBlanc herself with Vladimir Vladimir being one of the main people in charge.

Swain Swain[]

Once Swain Swain overthrew Boram Darkwill Boram Darkwill (thus becoming the new Grand General) he learned of Sion's existence and plotted to use him as his own weapon. Sion was used in the second Noxian invasion of Ionia Crest icon Ionia where he fought the resistance led by Irelia Irelia who was assisted by Karma Karma, Akali Akali, Kennen Kennen and Yasuo Yasuo.

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Starring Champion

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Alternate Universes

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By Numerous creators


  • Sion was probably not human in life - but a slightly larger humanoid race.[1]
  • In the Runeterra Legacy icon old lore, Vladimir Vladimir conducted the blood ritual that restored Sion's mind (using a ritual knife coated in Jarvan IV's Jarvan IV's blood, likely obtained when the Exemplar was captured and LeBlanc LeBlanc impersonated him to avoid Demacia's suspicion)
    • As a result of this 're-resurrection' Sion is stuck in an amnesiac limbo. He remembers Boram warning him about ravens ravens, but his undeath clouds his thoughts and makes him over-revel in slaughter.

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A war hero from a bygone era, Sion was revered in Noxus for choking the life out of a Demacian king with his bare hands—but, denied oblivion, he was resurrected to serve his empire even in death. His indiscriminate slaughter claimed all who stood in his way, regardless of allegiance, proving he no longer retained his former humanity. Even so, with crude armor bolted onto rotten flesh, Sion continues to charge into battle with reckless abandon, struggling to remember his true self between the swings of his mighty axe.


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