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Poison TFT icon Poison
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Alchemist TFT icon Alchemist
Singed OriginalSquare


  • His ability is based on his League of Legends ability Poison Trail Poison Trail.
  • Due to his Class, he becomes the first champion to not have Attack Damage and DPS.
    • And his Attack range Melee role 1 doesn't really mean anything.

Patch History

V10.1 - January 8th Hotfix
  • Bug Fix: No longer stops moving if he tries to target something untargetable (Zyra WildfireSquare Zyra's plants).
  • Ability damage reduced to 150 / 300 / 2000 from 200 / 400 / 2000.
  • Base health reduced to 950 from 1050.
  • Ability damage reduced to 200 / 400 / 2000 from 250 / 500 / 2000.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where he was looking like he was Glacial TFT icon Glacial'd, even though he was still attacking.
  • Bug Fix: Champions can now properly take damage from multiple poison trails created by different copies of Singed.
V9.22 - Added
  • Singed OriginalCircle Original Singed
    • Tier 5 Poison TFT icon Poison Alchemist TFT icon Alchemist.
    • Poison Trail Passive - Poison Trail: Leaves a toxic cloud wherever he moves, poisoning enemies who stand in it for 250 / 500 / 2000 magic damage over 6 seconds.
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