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Playing As Singed Singed
  • Poison Trail Poison Trail is very effective at farming and harassing, allowing Singed Singed to dominate the flow of whatever lane he's in.
  • Use Insanity Potion Insanity Potion to trick your opponents into chasing you through Poison Trail Poison Trail.
  • Flinging Flinging enemies into your tower can deal heavy amounts of damage to them.
Playing Against Singed Singed
  • Keep your distance to avoid being Flung Flung back into Singed's Singed's allies.
  • Singed Singed needs to run close to your team to be effective. Try to take advantage of this by using crowd control effects on him while attacking his allies.
  • Be careful when chasing Singed Singed. He's very difficult to bring down, and can leave his Poison Trail Poison Trail to damage you in your pursuit.


Ability Usage
  • Poison Trail Poison Trail is very effective; poisoning the opposing minions as they advance is an effective strategy for farming lanes.
    • A good strategy for farming is to push your minions to the enemy turret, then run past it to poison the next wave as it comes. However, this puts you behind the enemy tower, so be wary of ganks.
  • When facing melee champions, you are capable of zoning them by poisoning the area near your own minions so their farming capabilities are hindered severely.
  • Turn off Poison Trail Poison Trail when unnecessary as it drains mana quickly.
  • Poison Trail Poison Trail goes invisible to opponents when you enter brush. It is also possible to create a very faint poison cloud by quickly double tapping your Poison Trail Poison Trail.
  • While being chased, if you can afford to run in a zig-zag pattern, do so to make sure your opponents will be poisoned at least once.
  • Mega Adhesive Mega Adhesive is one of the best slows in the game, and it's advised to have at least one rank before level 5. The upper ranks simply increase the slow percentage. A well-played Singed Singed can lead a target with the glue, catch up to the target, then Fling Fling him back in to the glue for maximum effect. This may take some practice, as all ranks have only a 5-second duration.
  • Fling Fling is your most versatile ability and can be used to toss enemies into your turret, isolate them from their teammates to set up an allied ambush, and save lives by tossing enemies away from weak or fleeing allies. Be sure to use it at the extent of its range, the further you are from a target when you Fling Fling it, the further they will get tossed behind you.
    • Near thin walls, this can be used to throw an enemy across, repositioning them in an unfavorable location.
  • Fling Fling can be used to interrupt channeled abilities/ultimates such as Absolute Zero Absolute Zero, Infinite Duress Infinite Duress, Nether Grasp Nether Grasp, or knock away champions with strong non-channeled point-blank AoE like Crowstorm Crowstorm, Slicing Maelstrom Slicing Maelstrom and Soul Shackles Soul Shackles.
  • Insanity Potion Insanity Potion is useful for chasing enemies and is a useful asset in any teamfight for its all-around bonuses. It has an incredibly short cooldown considering its bonuses, so don't worry about wasting it to run away from a gank gone wrong. Its short cooldown also means it can be used in lane to simply regenerate mana and health, although using it this way is not recommended.
  • Using Fling Fling to throw an enemy into your Poison Trail Poison Trail is a very simple but an effective harassment combo.
  • Although not a caster in the true sense, Singed Singed benefits greatly from magic penetration runes to make sure your opponents get full damage from Poison Trail Poison Trail. A full caster setup will allow him to deal quite heavy damage with the capability of tanking.
  • Consider maxing Mega Adhesive Mega Adhesive before Fling Fling, as this spell grants you better zone control and CC with a 75% slow, instead of Fling Fling, which grants you only 45 bonus damage per level and increases its mana cost.
  • Put a second point in Fling Fling early because its damage is lower than its mana cost at Rank 1.
  • Fling Fling must be used wisely when diving a turret, if you are low level and the enemy is on the side of the turret facing your base you can E E > W W easily to attack, however take into consideration that if you toss the enemy when he moves on the other side of the turret you could possibly land him near to the turret and take lots of damage or land him further into the enemy lane and force your ally/partner to have to walk through the jungle or make his escape easier.
  • When you use Fling Fling, you can autoattack him at the same time. This is done by clicking on the enemy champion while he is in mid-air. The damage of Singed Singed autoattack can, in early game at least, be just that little bit of damage which forces your opponent to play passive or maybe even recall.
  • Singed Singed is one of the only champions who can proxy, which is running behind enemy lines to kill off their minions before they reach the person who's pushing the lane, due to Poison Trail Poison TrailLissandra Lissandra can do this with her W W and E E skills as well.
Mastery Usage
Item Usage
  • Because Singed Singed is very dependent on positioning, consider starting with Boots of Speed Boots of Speed and picking up other speed items as you play.
  • Rylai's Crystal Scepter Rylai's Crystal Scepter is great, slowing enemies through Poison Trail Poison Trail.
  • One of the better advanced items for early/mid-game is Catalyst of Aeons Catalyst of Aeons. This can then build offensively into an early Rod of Ages Rod of Ages.
    • Rod of Ages Rod of Ages is useful to buy as early as possible for any general build. It provides significant mana, eventhough this stat is useless on Singed Singed, HP and AP.
    • With full mana, the shield active Seraph's Embrace Seraph's Embrace gives will enable you to absorb more burst damage than you could with Rod of Ages Rod of Ages, at the cost of overall health. Typically you do not want to build both, because building this much mana and spending so much gold on doing so will set you behind in the early game. 
  • Cooldown reduction is an effective stat to build, because it allows you to Fling Fling, apply Mega Adhesive Mega Adhesive, and pop Insanity Potion Insanity Potion more often. A utility Singed's Singed's focus is on surviving and disrupting as often and effectively as possible. For this, an item like Frozen Heart Frozen Heart is a great choice as it offers cooldown reduction along with the armor and the Aura doubling Liandry's Torment's Liandry's Torment's passive damage.
  • Building an early Shurelya's Reverie Shurelya's Reverie gives you vital early game Ability power and grants you extra Movement speed
    • Using the active allows you to initiate or disengage the teamfight.
      • The active is different compared to Righteous Glory Righteous Glory since it gives you movement speed boost when running towards and away from enemy champions, compared to only just towards enemy champions that Righteous Glory Righteous Glory provides.
  • A Zhonya's Hourglass Zhonya's Hourglass is a possible item for its armor and ability power.
  • It is possible (although usually not encouraged) to build somewhat tanky hybrid on Singed using Muramana Muramana, Seraph's Embrace Seraph's Embrace, Rod of Ages Rod of Ages, Rylai's Crystal Scepter Rylai's Crystal Scepter, and Warmog's Armor Warmog's Armor.
  • Lich Bane Lich Bane is a very powerful item to increase Singed's Singed's burst damage. It allows you to deal some extra damage with your guaranteed auto attack after flinging flinging the enemy backwards. On top of that, the extra movement speed will synergize with the flat movement speed buff from Insanity Potion Insanity Potion.
  • Singed Singed can be zoned early game to prevent him from farming. His Poison Trail Poison Trail is fairly weak against players early game, but doesn't stop him from being excellent at lane-control. A good Singed Singed will go into proxy in a difficult lane matchup.
  • It is often not best to chase Singed Singed. He has great mobility with Insanity Potion Insanity Potion and a great escape ability with Mega Adhesive Mega Adhesive, especially when combined to root the enemy with Fling Fling.
    • Keep in mind that while chasing Singed Singed, Poison Trail Poison Trail will slowly drain your health away while Insanity Potion Insanity Potion will regenerate his health back and due to its long duration, Singed can run back and deal the finishing blow on you with Fling Fling.
  • Singed's Singed's threatening abilities are position-based, so harassment is doubly effective if it involves a slow, such as Wither Wither or Lucent Singularity Lucent Singularity.
  • Singed Singed has to be very close to your team to do damage, so ranged champions are effective at taking him out. However, be wary of his Fling Fling as it will easily pull you into danger.
    • Buying a Banshee's Veil Banshee's Veil will make Singed Singed think twice before using his Fling Fling on you as it is his only single-targeted spell that breaks the spell shield.
    • Buying a Frozen Mallet Frozen Mallet on a ranged champion can reduce the risk an enemy Singed Singed poses to the team; the slow can severely hamper the effect of Singed Singed due to his reliance on mobility.
  • Avoid playing any melee champion that involves chasing for kills, such as Master Yi Master Yi and Jax Jax, against Singed Singed, as his kit is designed to kite melee chasers with his Poison Trail Poison Trail and punish turret divers such as Aatrox Aatrox, Tryndamere Tryndamere, and Fiora Fiora using Fling Fling. Instead, consider playing ranged champions such as Lulu Lulu, Kennen Kennen, Kayle Kayle, Swain Swain, and Teemo Teemo where they can poke Singed Singed down and kite him effectively with various crowd control skills as well as landing a few auto attacks while Singed Singed tries to run away from you.
  • Singed Singed will most likely will build health, armor and magic resist items. As such consider percent health damage items such as Blade of the Ruined King Blade of the Ruined King or Liandry's Torment Liandry's Torment.


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