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Champion Update (Visual): Singed


We've got a few relatively smaller champion updates coming out in the wake of Sion's grand arrival. First up is Singed, who's come tearing out of the Champion Update workshop with a new model, updated textures for all of his skins, and a few small gameplay tweaks.

Singed Screenshots

Singed was an interesting project for us. While many older champions have to be rebuilt visually from the ground up, we discovered that Singed's rig was actually still in good shape. He had unique and identifiable animations underneath his old pizza-feet-tastic model, meaning we could score a pretty easy win simply by updating his model and textures to today's standards. So we did, and while we had the Mad Chemist's hood open, took the opportunity to tune up his gameplay, too. We haven't made any significant changes, but added some quality of life tweaks in that incentivize Singed players to combo their abilities together and give a tad more late-game scaling to his ultimate.

That's it for now! We're looking forward to sharing more Champion Update news with you soon!


Snowdown 2013 - Login Screen

Snowdown 2013 - Login Screen

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