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Silco Universe Background.jpg
Silco (Universe)Silco (Universe)
Silco (Teamfight Tactics)Silco (Teamfight Tactics)

"I’d like to let you in on a very important secret I learned when I was about your age, boy. You see, power, real power doesn’t come to those who were born strongest or fastest or smartest. No. It comes to those who will do anything to achieve it."
Silco Silco to Deckard, Some Mysteries Are Better Left Unsolved

Silco was a Zaun Crest icon.png Zaunite drug lord and industrialist, and the adoptive father of Jinx Jinx. A tyrannical and megalomaniacal individual, he was a radical supporter of Zaun's independence from Piltover Crest icon.png Piltover and was willing to do just about anything to achieve it.


Early Life

Silco and Vander Vander were close during their youth, and the two of them once fought together in order to free Zaun from Piltover's repressive rule. However, due to unknown circumstances, Vander eventually betrayed Silco and attempted to drown him in Zaun's polluted rivers. Although Silco managed to survive the incident, the chemicals in the water heavily scarred his face and mutated his left eye.[1]

Although he was left traumatized by the event, Silco believed that he had been reborn as a stronger person. Despite this, he couldn't bring himself to forgive Vander for his actions and began to plot his revenge against his former friend. His injures also never fully healed and as a result, he was forced to periodically inject medicine into his left eye in order to keep his illness from going out of control.[1][2]

Getting Payback

Silco spent the next several years building his forces, many of whom were former members of Vander's crew who had lost faith in him over his passive approach towards Piltover. At some point, he hired the rogue scientist Singed Singed to make a drug that could give humans superhuman abilities. Silco also kept an eye on Vander's actions and patiently waited for the right moment to strike back.

Years later, Silco learned from Deckard, one of his teenage lackeys, that Vander's adoptive children had caused an explosion during one of their heists in Piltover, and that the Enforcers had staged a full manhunt in order to track them down.[2] Realizing that this was his chance to take his revenge and seize power at the same time, Silco convinced Deckard to be the first human test subject for shimmer, Singed's new drug. He also sought out a young Enforcer named Marcus and told him the identities of the culprits.[3]

Just as Silco had planned, Marcus was able to put enough pressure on Vander for the latter to give himself up to Piltover in place of his children. However, before Marcus and his boss, Sheriff Grayson, were able to take Vander with them to Piltover, Silco and a Shimmer-enhanced Deckard ambushed them, killing Grayson and Benzo, Vander's second-in-command. When Marcus began to protest that this wasn't their deal, Silco tossed Marcus a bag of coins and then proceeded to take Vander back to his hideout.[1]

As he still respected Vander to an extent, Silco attempted to persuade his former friend to join him in the coming revolution against Piltover. However, Vander rejected the offer and told him that he wasn't the same person he used to be back when they were brothers. Enraged by this, Silco then tied Vander up and waited for his children to show up, knowing that they would come to save him eventually.[1]

Eventually, Violet Violet, Mylo Mylo, and Claggor Claggor arrived to save Vander, but realized too late that they had fallen right into Silco's trap. Although they nearly succeeded in breaking Vander out, a bomb made by Vi's sister, Powder Powder, went off before they could, destroying most of the building and killing both Mylo and Claggor. Silco himself was nearly caught in the blast and only managed to avoid injury because his henchwoman Sevika pushed him out of the way just in time.[1]

In a desperate attempt to defend Vi, Vander then began fighting back against Silco's goons himself using iron gauntlets. However, he was bested by Deckard and stabbed in the gut by Silco, who then tossed him into a pile of shimmer vials. However, Vander was able to inject himself with one vial, mutating him and allowing him to finally kill Deckard. He then attempted to kill Silco as well, but decided against it to save Vi.[1]

Unwilling to allow Vander to get away, Silco pursued him with his remaining henchmen, only to find him seemingly dead, Vi nowhere to be found, and Powder in the middle of an emotional breakdown on the street. Unaware that Vi had momentarily abandoned Powder for unintentionally killing their foster siblings, Silco approached Powder and asked her where her sister was. Much to his surprise, however, Powder then jumped into his arms and told him that Vi had left her and was no longer her sister anymore. Realizing that Powder had been betrayed by Vi just how like Vander had betrayed him, Silco sympathized with her situation, embraced her, and adopted her as his daughter.[1]

Rise to Power

With Vander gone, Silco quickly rose to power in Zaun and replaced his former friend as the Undercity's leader. He also built a massive criminal empire on the back of selling shimmer as a drug to the masses, brought the chem-barons together to manage his factories, and took over the Last Drop, Vander's former bar, which he transformed into a nightclub and his personal headquarters. Although some tried to stop him from taking over, none of them succeeded, as Silco's muscle and money was simply too much for them to overcome.[4]

Despite having reneged on his deal with Marcus, the two of them remained in contact, with Marcus eventually replacing Grayson as Sheriff and acting as Silco's liaison in Piltover. As a result, any investigations into Silco came up clean and never revealed any of his crimes, causing the Piltovans to believe that he was a legitimate industrialist and allowing him to regularly smuggle shimmer to cities all over the world without ever having to worry about getting caught.[4]

Meanwhile, Powder eventually became one of Silco's most competent subordinates. Having renamed her Jinx Jinx, Silco trained her in various ways until she grew into a skilled fighter and inventor, allowing her to create and design all kinds of gadgets to use in battle. Most of Silco's crew became wary of Powder and her severe mental instability, but even when they openly protested about her, Silco would protect her and keep her by his side. In time, he came to greatly value her for her abilities and love her as his own daughter.[4]

Recent Events



Silco was a tall and thin middle-aged man with pale skin, combed black hair with gray streaks, a right blue eye, and heavy scarring on the left side of his face. His most notable trait was his left eye, which lacked an eyelid and appeared to be heavily discolored, with an orange iris and black sclera. He was also generally seen wearing a red and black Piltovan three-piece suit.

In his later years, Silco would often wear heavy makeup and several layers of foundation to hide the fact that his facial scarring was slowly growing worse. He also developed an increasing fondness for smoking cigars.


Silco is a callous and brutal yet highly intelligent and cautious man who will do anything to achieve his goals. He believes that the base violence is the only way to stand against Piltover and unite the Underground, and that power only comes to those who will forsake their own morals to achieve it. He is not afraid of having anyone who gets in his way killed. His ultimate goal is to have the Undercity stand independent from the "topsiders" control and allowing it to be self-sufficient, newly formed nation of Zaun.

Despite all this, he has shown to have some level of compassion, as he embraced and took in the distraught and traumatized Powder Powder after noticing the similarities between the young girl and his past self.


  • Leader: Silco is a competent leader. Feared and respected amongst Zaunites, he would do whatever was necessary to ensure his visions came to pass. He would be the unofficial leader of the Undercity until his death.
  • Teacher: As the adoptive father of Jinx Jinx, Silco would be her primary mentor in life, teaching how to survive in Zaun as well encourage her and as give her opportunities to improve in her creative ventures, like artwork, inventions, and weapons.


Vander Vander

"You'd die for the cause, but you won't fight for one?"
Silco Silco, The Base Violence Necessary for Change

Vander and Silco were once presumably close, as they refer to one another as brothers in the past. Following a traumatic event in which, due to an argument of sorts, Vander nearly drowns Silco, the two fell out of arms. While Vander devoted his life to the safety of the Undercity (a.k.a. the precursor of the nation of Zaun), Silco was fueled by the cause his 'brother' had given up, particularly seeking to use violence in order to get results.

The two clash when Silco kidnaps Vander with intentions to inject him with Shimmer. When Vander's children, Vi, Mylo and Claggor, show up, Silco claims that he's spread the rumour that they had all run away from home. The two finally physically land blows and while Vander strangles Silco, he is stabbed by his former friend. Silco then tosses his body over the railing, assuming he was dead.

"Oh, it all makes sense now, brother. Is there anything so undoing as a daughter?"
Silco Silco, The Monster You Created

Following his blossoming relationship with Vander's former adopted daughter, Jinx, Silco admits to Vander's statue that he finally understands him and that, in a moment of cruel irony, he has become the person that had once infuriated him to murder.

Singed Singed

Silco and Singed share a business relationship, and Singed is referred to as the 'doctor'. Presumably, Singed invented or at least helped with the creation of the addictive substance, Shimmer.

When Jinx is fatally wounded by her own bomb in her fight with Ekko, Silco rushes her to Singed, demanding him to save her life. Singed reminds him the process is both experimental and very dangerous, though Silco disregards this. For Silco's own supposed good, Singed drugs him as he works on Jinx, most likely because Silco would be unable to watch his adoptive daughter writhe in agony and would interfere.

Sevika Sevika

Sevika joined Silco's cause after her disappointment of Vander's weak and passive approach towards ruling Zaun. She saw potential in Silco's vision and would become one of his most loyal goons, even saving his life from an explosion that cost her a left arm. During his rise to power Silco would make sure to take into account Sevika's advices and treat her well, though in the matters of Jinx she would greatly disapprove of his soft approaches towards his adoptive daughter. She would sometimes open up to Silco, telling him about her past, often as advice when dealing with Jinx as his child. Even when offered a better deal by other Chem-Barons, Sevika would stay loyal and execute the traitors without question. She would assure him that she never intended to betray him for a worms such as them (indicating that if another stonger person offered a better deal, she would take it). She would ultimately remain loyal to him until his death.

Finn Finn

Of all the Chem-Barons, Silco despises Finn the most, believing he has gotten "fat and complacent" off the power he provides them and seeing him as a far cry from his own hardscrabble upbringing. Even after being nearly suffocated to remind him of his place, Finn in turn has nothing but contempt for Silco and seeks to take his place, even trying to convince Sevika to turn against him as well. After Vi and Jayce destroy one of Silco's Shimmer facilities, Finn sees an opportunity to dethrone his longtime rival and confronts Silco in his office at The Last Drop. Unfortunately, Sevika remains loyal to her boss and slits Finn's throat, killing him.

Arcane Vi profileicon.jpgViolet Violet

Silco was willing to kill Vi without mercy, though apparently wanted to watch her fight instead of allowing his number one, Sevika, to take Vi on, he let the teenage girl beat her way through his underlings. He considered her Vander's prodigy, though later remarks that Jinx has, in his opinion, surpassed her skill set.

He grows to despise her by the end, seeing her as a threat to his relationship with Jinx. Vander and Vi share similarities in his mind, and he loathes that Vi turned her back on Jinx, the way Vander betrayed him. He recognizes, unlike Vi, that Jinx has rejected the personality of Powder, and that the memories of her past plague her. When Vi encourages Jinx to 'remember' herself, Silco is horrified by Jinx's blatant distress and attempts to shoot Vi. However, he misses, and is then killed by the person he seeks to protect. Vi seems unaware of the genuine familial bond between the two, and disregards his death, expecting Jinx to be pleased by the demise of who Vi believes is her abuser.

Jinx Jinx

"It's okay. We'll show them. We will show them all."
Silco Silco, The Base Violence Necessary for Change

Silco formed a paternal relationship with Jinx/Powder Powder after she inadvertently killed her adoptive family. Unexpectedly, and likely most shocking to himself, he began to care for her as if she was his own and even value their relationship over his own political cause.

"Betrayal, that pain that feels like it'll eat you from the inside out, can either break you or forge you into something greater."
Silco Silco, Everybody Wants to Be My Enemy

Ignoring Sevika and the rest of his underlings' qualms about Jinx's irresponsible and unpredictable behaviour, he makes excuses for and defends her at the expense of the respect of his followers. When Jinx displays an inability to let go of her traumatic past, Silco submerges her in the same river he nearly drowned in, referring to the betrayal in which he was nearly drowned by Vander. Silco instilled in Jinx many of his philosophies, hoping to mold her into a stronger and dangerous person who grew tougher from trauma — just like like him.

Jinx is supposedly the only person he truly trusts, as he tasks her with delicate or personal things, such as injecting his infected eye. They share a physical closeness, and Silco particularly seems to see a resemblance of himself in his newfound adopted daughter. Their relationship becomes strained, particularly in regards to the presence of Jinx's sister, Vi.

Following her near-death experience on the Piltovan bridge, Silco rushes Jinx to Singed, who injects her with Shimmer in an experiment to bring her back to functioning health.

"Don't cry. You're perfect."
Silco Silco, The Monster You Created

In an unfortunate later incident, Jinx overhears Silco telling a statue of Vander that she was but a problem for him, unaware that it was in fact a testament to Silco's genuine paternal feelings for her. In retaliation, she kidnaps and binds him with the rest of her family (Vi, a misplaced Caitlyn and recreations of Mylo, Claggor and Vander). He argues fiercely against the idea of Jinx leaving him to be with Vi, stating that her sister won't accept her, and says he'd rather the Piltovan government 'burn' than give up his daughter to them. However, when he tries to stop Vi from harming Jinx and shoots at her, Jinx reacts almost instantaneously and shoots him with Pow-Pow. Startled by her own actions, she rushes to him, crying that she didn't mean to do what she did. Silco's bittersweet last words remark upon their unwavering bond and his unconditional adoration.

Likely as an act of respect on his behalf and misery in regards to her emotional alienation with Vi, Jinx aims Fishbones at Piltover.

Jayce Talis Jayce Talis

Jayce hated Silco ever since he discovered he was responsible for the escalating tensions between Piltover and the Undercity. However, Silco and Jayce agree on peace terms following Jayce and Vi's enforcer attack on one of his Shimmer manufacturing factories. Silco's excessive demands (Silco's demands included free trade routes, unrestricted access to the Hexgates, blanket amnesty, and sovereignty for Zaun) displeased Jayce, but Silco knew he would capitulate to them when he asked to parley, which showed Silco that Jayce didn't have the determination to follow through with future military attacks.

Jayce ultimately agrees to Silco's demands as he didn't want more innocents to die and he hopes once Silco ceased hostilities, both Piltover and Zaun could find common ground regarding the threats to both their cities. Jayce however, stipulated he must end all Shimmer production, return the stolen hextech gemstone, and also hand over Jinx to the Piltover authorities since he needs Jinx to pay for her crimes. Silco argues that her crimes were ordered by him and that he is responsible for her actions, but since Jayce cannot punish Silco because he needs him to control Zaun, Jinx must be arrested to show that justice is still being served. Jayce tells Silco no one on the Council of Clans would have offered him this deal aside from him, as many in Piltover would prefer the Undercity to be simply slaughtered by Piltover's technologically superior military force.

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