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Silco (Universe)Silco (Universe)

"I’d like to let you in on a very important secret I learned when I was about your age, boy. You see, power, real power doesn’t come to those who were born strongest or fastest or smartest. No. It comes to those who will do anything to achieve it."
Silco Silco, Some Mysteries Are Better Left Unsolved

Silco is a callous and ruthless man who will do anything to achieve his goals. He believes the only way to free Zaun from Piltover is through a bloody conflict and that power only comes to those who will forsake their own morals to achieve it. He is not afraid of having anyone who gets in his way killed.


Early Life

Silco and Vander were once like brothers; however, due to unknown circumstances, violently parted ways when Vander attempted to drown Silco in a polluted river in Zaun. Besides the drowning, a cut incurred under his left eye caused the left half of his face to became infected by the chemicals in the water and mutated along with his eye. Silco managed to stab Vander and escape. Though traumatized by the event, Silco believed he was reborn as a stronger person; however, he couldn't forgive Vander for making a deal with the enforcers and began to plot his revenge. In order to keep his mutation under control, Silco periodically injects a medicine directly into his affected eye.

Contemporary history

Silco spent the next several years building his forces, many of whom former members of Vander's crew who grew angry about his passive approach to Piltover. Silco's main hideout was connected to an undersea base, due to his continued emotional connection to the polluted waters of Zaun. At some point he hired the rogue scientist Singed to make a powerful drug capable of transforming workers into super-powered monsters. Silco also kept an eye on Vander's action waiting for the moment to strike.

That moment finally came when Vander's adopted children caused an explosion during a raid at a residence owned by the Kirramen clan. This caused the enforcers to stage a full manhunt looking for the culprits. While initially planning to kill his young lackey Deckard, who had exposed them when he tried to steal the kids loot, Silco was then informed of the situation they had caused. Silco sought out a young and ambitious enforcer, Marcus, and told him who the culprits were on the pretense of wanting payment for the information. He also convinced Deckard to be the test subject for Singed's new drug, Shimmer, which gave him the ability turn into a hulking monstrosity. As he planned Marcus' pushing caused Vander to give himself up in place of his wards. But during his arrest Silco and his shimmer-mutated henchmen ambush them, killing several wardens including Sheriff Grayson and and Vander's close friend Benzo. When Marcus protests that this wasn't the deal, Silco sadisticly throws the money Marcus gave him back on the bloody floor and before taking Vander.

At first Silco tries to reason with Vander at his hideout, sharing his vision for the nation of Zaun saying that they didnt need to beat Piltover but make them too afraid to deal with Zaun anymore, but Vander rejects the offer stating that he is not the same person anymore. Silco is enraged by this and, knowing that Vander's wards would come to save him, planned to kill him and his kids together and then lie to the populace that they had fled Zaun in cowardice.

Later on Vi, Mylo and Claggor arrive to save Vander. Realizing it was a trap, Vi takes Vander's old cast iron gauntlets to fight Silco's men, trying to give enough time for Mylo and Claggor to unshackle Vander and find a way out. However she is easily beaten by a mutated Deckard. However the fight was interupted as Silco sees the monkey with cymbols bomb that Powder had snuck in trying to save her family. How the bomb accidentally destroying most of the hideout, killing Mylo and Claggor and injuring Vander in the process. Trying to defend a surviving Vi, Vander takes makeshift knuckles and starts fighting the surviving henchmen, however he is bested by them and stabbed in the gut by Silco who muses that he knew the beast was still in him before dropping him down in a pile of vials of Shimmer. Injecting one, Vander is able to finally defeat the mutated henchmen, nearly close to killing Silco as well, but decides to save Vi from the exploding wreckage instead.

Silco recovers and pursues with his remaining henchmen, only to encounter a crying Powder. Unaware that Vi had momentarily abaddoned Powder in rage of the deaths she had unitentionally caused he asks where her sister is. He is shocked when Powder in desparation leaps into his arms saying that Vi had left her and wasn't her sister anymore. Seeing Vander's body as well as himself within the young girl, Silco chose to embrace and comfort her promising that they would show them all.

With Vander gone, Silco quickly rose to power in Zaun and for all intensive purposes became its de facto leader. He built an empire on the back of selling Shimmer as a drug to the masses, gaining huge fortunes and power. He also united the various Chem Barons as his underlings to help manage his factories. Furthermore he took over Vander's former bar, the Last Drop, and turned it into his nightclub and main base. Some tried to resist, but Silco had both the muscle and the money. Worse, it was Marcus who became the Sheriff after Greyson and Silco still had the knowledge that his actions had gotten his predecessor and several other enforcers killed. From then on the leader of the enforcers was in his pocket. Due to Marcus, any investigation into Silco came to nothing and Piltover only knew him as a legitimate industrialist and Silco was able to sneak Shimmer into Piltover and the hexgates allowing him to sell it all over the world. Between the brutal gangs now fully in control and the shimmer mutated Zaunites, the enforcers who once patrolled and terroized Zaun became too scared to even go down there. This was not without a cost however, as shimmer is a very addicting drug with crippling side effects, and many of Zauns citizens lost all their money were left homeless, weak, and with permanent mutations. The only form of resistance were a group called the Firelights a group Zaunites led by Ekko. They hid in a secluded area of Zaun around a tree and used Ekko's hoverboards to try and sabotage Silco's operations. Powder, meanwhile, had become Silco's most brutal assest. Having been renamed Jinx, he trained her in various ways till she became a powerful fighter and brillant scientist. She used her mecanical genius and his resources to make powerful bombs and guns for him. She also went on missions to kill the Firelights for their interference. Most of Silco's crew were wary of her and her growing insanity, but Silco protected her and kept her by his side. Both for her uses, and the fact that he had truly grown to love her as his daughter.

Recent events


Jinx Jinx

"It's okay. We'll show them. We will show them all."
Silco Silco, The Base Violence Necessary for Change

Silco, despite being responsible for the imprisonment and (indirectly) death of Jinx- or, Powder- 's adoptive family, formed a paternal relationship with the young girl in the aftermath of the tragedy. Unexpectedly, and likely most shocking to himself, he began to care for her as if she were his own and even value their relationship over his own political cause.

"Betrayal, that pain that feels like it'll eat you from the inside out, can either break you or forge you into something greater."
Silco Silco, Everybody Wants to Be My Enemy

Ignoring Sevika and the rest of his underlings' qualms about Jinx's irresponsible and unpredictable behaviour, he makes excuses for and defends her at the expense of the respect of his followers. When Jinx displays an inability to let go of her traumatic past, Silco submerges her in water, referring to the betrayal in which he was nearly drowned by Vander. Jinx is supposedly the only person he truly trusts, as he tasks her with delicate or personal things, such as injecting his infected eye. They share a physical closeness, and Silco particularly seems to see a vision of himself in his newfound adopted daughter. Their relationship becomes strained, particularly in regards to the presence of Jinx's sister, Vi.

Following her near-death experience on the Piltovan bridge, Silco rushes Jinx to Singed, who injects her with Shimmer in an experiment to bring her back to functioning health.

In an unfortunate later incident, Jinx overhears Silco telling a statue of Vander that she was but a problem for him, unaware that it was in fact a testament to Silco's genuine paternal feelings for her. In retaliation, she kidnaps and binds him with the rest of her family (Vi, a misplaced Caitlyn and recreations of Mylo, Claggor and Vander). He argues fiercely against the idea of Jinx leaving him to be with Vi, and says he'd rather the Piltovian government 'burn' than give up his daughter to them. However, when he shoots at (and misses) Vi, Jinx reacts almost instantaneously and shoots him with Pow-Pow. Startled by her own actions, she rushes to him, crying that she didn't mean to do what she did. Silco's bittersweet last words remark upon their unwavering bond and his unconditional adoration.

"Don't cry. You're perfect."
Silco Silco, The Monster You Created

Likely as an act of respect on his behalf and misery in regards to her emotional alienation with Vi, Jinx aims Fishbones at Piltover.

Vander Vander

"You'd die for the cause, but you won't fight for one?"
Silco Silco, The Base Violence Necessary for Change

Vander and Silco were once presumably close, as they refer to one another as brothers in the past. Following a traumatic event in which, due to an argument of sorts, Vander nearly drowns Silco, the two fell out of arms. While Vander devoted his life to the safety of Zaun (or: the undercity), Silco was fuelled by the cause his 'brother' had given up, particularly seeking to use violence in order to get results.

The two clash when Silco kidnaps Vander with intentions to inject him with Shimmer. When Vander's children, Vi, Mylo and Claggor, show up, Silco claims that he's spread the rumour that they had all run away from home. The two finally physically land blows and while Vander strangles Silco, he is stabbed by his former friend. Silco then tosses his body over the railing, assuming he was dead.

"Oh, it all makes sense now, brother. Is there anything so undoing as a daughter?"
Silco Silco, The Monster You Created

Following his blossoming relationship with Vander's former adopted daughter, Jinx, Silco admits to Vander's statue that he finally understands him and that, in a moment of cruel irony, he has become the person that had once infuriated him to murder.

Vi Vi

Silco was willing to kill Vi without mercy, though apparently wanted to watch her fight- instead of allowing his number one, Sevika, to take Vi on in S1E3, he let the teenage girl beat her way through his underlings. He considered her Vander's prodigy, though later remarks that Jinx has, in his opinion, surpassed her skillset.

He grows to despise her by the end, seeing her as a threat to his relationship with Jinx. Vander and Vi share similarities in his mind, and he loathes that Vi turned her back on Jinx, the way Vander betrayed him. He recognises, unlike Vi, that Jinx has rejected the personality of Powder, and that the memories of her past plague her. When Vi encourages Jinx to 'remember' herself, Silco is horrified by Jinx's blatant distress and attempts to shoot Vi. However, he misses, and is then killed by the person he seeked to protect. Vi seems unaware of the genuine familial bond between the two, and disregards his death, expecting Jinx to be pleased by the demise of who Vi believes is her abuser.

Singed Singed

Silco and Singed share a business relationship, and Singed is referred to as the 'doctor'. Presumably, Singed invented or at least helped with the creation of the addictive substance, Shimmer.

When Jinx is fatally wounded by her own bomb in her fight with Ekko, Silco rushes her body to Singed, demanding him to save her life. Singed reminds him the process is both experimental and very dangerous, though Silco disregards this. For Silco's own supposed good, Singed drugs him as he works on Jinx, most likely because Silco would be unable to watch his adoptive daughter writhe in agony and would interfere.

Jayce Jayce

Silco and Jayce agree on peace terms following Jayce and Vi's enforcer attack on Shimmer manufacturing. Silco's demands are laughed at, though he stands his ground until Jayce says he must hand over Jinx to the law. Silco argues that her crimes are his, but Jayce is adamant, claiming that if terms aren't agreed upon, the undercity would simply be slaughtered by Piltover's military force.


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