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Quinn OriginalSquare Quinn using Heightened Senses Heightened Senses. Note the KrugSquare Krug camp at the top left, normally not visible from her position.

Sight icon Sight is a property of units, structures, and certain summoner spells, items, and abilities in League of Legends that represents a team possessing vision of a target area. Inversely, the area of the map in which a team does not have sight over is known as the Fog of War, a common hallmark of the RTS genre which is represented visually as a dark shroud over the terrain.

Possessing sight is necessary to observe most information about any non-allied units in the game. Such information can include, among many other things, the unit's current location, direction, health, mana, possessed buffs and purchased items, making the acquisition and denial of sight one of the most crucially important skills to learn in high levels of play.

Sight Ranges

All units in the game will grant vision up to a specific radius:

Blocking sight

There are two obstacles that exist towards regular sight - impassable terrain (which is always opaque to vision granted by units, structures and most items and abilities) and Brushmaker Brush (which is opaque towards vision when viewed from the outside inwards and not the reverse). Such barriers will also block vision of any areas that are directly behind them from the sight-granting unit. Units that can directly observe an area around these obstacles are commonly described as having line of sight towards that area.

Sight can be removed in three ways - the withdrawal of any sight-granting units, abilities or items from the vicinity, the expiration of a sight-granting debuff or spell, or directly with the Nearsight icon nearsight debuff (which currently only exists with Graves OriginalSquare Graves' Smoke Screen Smoke Screen, Nocturne OriginalSquare Nocturne's Paranoia Paranoia, and Quinn OriginalSquare Quinn's Blinding Assault Blinding Assault). Be noted, however, that despite looking like such, Rek'Sai OriginalSquare Rek'Sai's Burrow Burrow does not necessarily nearsight her, as she conserves allied vision.

Forms of sight

True Sight icon True sight

True sight example

A unit True Sight icon revealing a Noxious Trap stealthed trap. A pink eye symbol above a unit indicates they have true sight vision.

This is a unique form of sight that is able to see units concealed in Guerrilla Warfare stealth, who are usually undetectable when under standard sight (such as Ward icon wards and standard sight debuffs). All sources of true sight currently in the game also provide standard sight - otherwise, true sight follows the same rules as standard sight. True sight cannot bypass sight blocked by Nearsight icon nearsight. All Turret icon turrets and some abilities and items and a few others possess a form of true sight, mostly by revealing debuffs.

Sweeper Drone icon Obscured vision

Simple Unit Silhouette

A silhouette of a unit observed behind a wall, indicating a form of Sweeper Drone icon obscured vision.

This is a form of detection that does not innately reveal units nor make them targetable in any sort of way. Instead, the unit's position is merely distinguished by their movement and actions or silhouette, revealing their position in the process. The unit is still not visible however, thus being unable to selected for Leap Strike unit-targeted attacks. Obscured vision exists in many effects, the most common ones being in Rek'Sai OriginalSquare Rek'Sai's Burrow Burrow and Oracle Lens item Oracle Lens. It is unaffected by Nearsight icon nearsight.

Stealth Ward icon Unobstructed vision

Unobstructed vision example

A unit with Stealth Ward icon unobstructed vision being able to see enemies behind walls.

This is a type of sight that permeates through terrain. It allows the unit to be able to see beyond their sight radius if otherwise obstructed by terrain, although they won't be able to see into Brushmaker brush unless they had sight of the inside. Aurelion Sol OriginalSquare Aurelion Sol's Comet of Legend Comet of Legend, Kayn OriginalSquare Kayn's Shadow Step Shadow Step, and Zoe OriginalSquare Zoe's Portal Jump Portal Jump are the only abilities that benefit from unobstructed vision.

Unobstructed vision nearsight example

A unit with Stealth Ward icon unobstructed vision becoming unable to see out of terrain while Nearsight icon nearsighted.

Nearsight icon Nearsight prevents unobstructed vision entirely; units lose the ability to see behind walls for the duration and if they would be inside terrain, their sight is completely restricted until they move out to open space.

The objects listed below are abilities and items that can temporarily grant sight of an area or enemy, as well as which of those abilities and items grant true sight.

Standard Sight


Champion Abilities



Champion Abilities


Summoner Spells

True Sight



Jungle Plants


Champion Abilities

Summoner Spells

Gameplay Elements
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