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Shon-Xan map

Shon-Xan Map

Shon-Xan is an ionian region and province located on the Mainland of the Ionian Archipelago.


Champions of Shon-Xan

Other Related Champions

  • AkaliSquare Akali's tattoos were tattooed with ink made out of Vlonqo flower petals.
  • RakanSquare Rakan performed at the Harvest Festival in Vlonqo and met XayahSquare Xayah there.
  • XayahSquare Xayah came to Vlonqo in search of a stolen vastayan artifact where she met RakanSquare Rakan there.
  • CamilleSquare Camille's favorite weapons, the Shon-Xan footed glaive, originate from this region.


  • AhriSquare Ahri In The Garden Of Forgetting
  • XayahSquare Xayah inside Puboe Prison
  • Garden of Forgetting: The garden may be located here. AhriSquare Ahri has visited the garden at least once to erase her troubled memories. Its keeper is Ighilya (Ionian: 'Great grandmother'), also known as the Eater of Secrets, the Forgotten, or the Witch Gardener. The flowers and the fruit of the Garden have deep magical properties that can take away a person's memories or life essence.
  • Kinkou Monastery: The Kinkou Monastery was the home of an ancient warrior clan known as the Kinkou Order. During the war against Noxus the Monastery was taken over by ZedSquare Zed's Shadow Order, who now use the location as their own headquarters. Kinkou Order's Monastery currently located in Shon-Xan region in the east.
  • Puboe: A human town that was the center of a few recent events. XayahSquare Xayah and RakanSquare Rakan freed several vastaya from a prison here, and AkaliSquare Akali was assigned to kill a corrupt councilman who sold the town out to Noxus, though the murder did not actually occur in Puboe.
    • Puboe Prison: Previously controlled by Shadow Order disciples, the Prison was used to imprison numerous vastaya.
  • Vlonqo: A remote mountain town in southern part of Sho-Xan region of Ionia. Vlonqo Flowers are highly sought after by Weh'le tattoo artists.


Vlonqo Flowers

Vlonqo Flowers are a type of flower endemic to the southern faces of the Vlonqo cliffs. Their enchanted flower petals along with Raikkon berries of Raikkon are used by tattoo artist of Weh'le as tattoo ink mixture.


Harvest Festival

Most Ionian settlements have their own way of celibrating a harvest festival. In Vlonqo, musicians, singers and dancers perform in front of the townsfolk to give thanks for another year of bountiful harvest. RakanSquare Rakan, a Lhotlan vastaya, sang old vastayan songs during one of Vlonqos harvest festivals.


Xayah & Rakan, the Rebel & the Charmer - Login Screen

Xayah & Rakan, the Rebel & the Charmer - Login Screen

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Xayah and Rakan Wild Magic New Champion Teaser - League of Legends

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